How to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi from anywhere

Having the Internet anywhere is something increasingly necessary. We not only use it to browse or download files, but it is a means to stay in touch at all times. We also need it to search for a location, see some data or even activate or deactivate a bank card and be able to pay with it. But we are not always going to have a connection available. In this article we show three ways to have Wi-Fi anywhere or almost anywhere.

Options to always have Internet

onnect to the Internet via Wi-Fi from anywhere

If you are going to need to use a computer to work or even mobile devices such as a tablet, you will not always have a network available when you are traveling, for example. But you can use some options to get access to the network and not have problems in case you need to search for something.

Share data with mobile

The first option is to share data with the mobile. In this case you will need to have a phone with a SIM card that has mobile data and has coverage. Today, most will allow you to share that connection with other devices, although you should know that some operators (really few) and mobiles (less and less) may not allow what is known as Tethering.

Therefore, what you are going to do is go to the connection sharing option, either on an Android or iOS mobile, and configure the network there. You can give it any name, as well as put a password. It is important that this key is secure, as this will prevent possible intruders from affecting your connection.

From that moment, you will be able to connect a computer or any device to the Wi-Fi network created with the mobile. As long as you have coverage and the data does not run out, you will be able to navigate without problems.

Portable router

An alternative option is to use a portable router. Basically it is a device that can be very small, so you can take it anywhere, which uses a SIM card to receive mobile data. This way you can create a Wi-Fi network and connect any other device.

In a certain way it is similar to sharing data with the mobile, only this time we are going to use a specific device for it. They usually offer better performance, since they are designed for that. You will be able to connect more devices, have higher speed and avoid possible cuts or malfunctions in general. It is convenient to choose the portable router well.

Router Wi-Fi portátil

Use public networks

You can also consider the possibility of connecting to public networks. This ensures you can access a connection almost anywhere , without the need to share data from your phone or buy a portable router. We can say that today you will find them in almost any public place, although there may not be any in the place where you are and, therefore, it is not an option.

Now, if you decide to use public Wi-Fi networks, it is important to use a good VPN on your mobile or on any device. In this way the connection will be encrypted and you will not have problems that affect security and privacy. You will prevent your data from leaking and having problems.

In short, as you can see, you have options to have Wi-Fi almost anywhere. Sharing mobile data is very simple, acquiring a portable router can be the solution in many cases for a stable connection and using public networks when they are available can also be taken into account.