How to clean the PS5: step by step guide

How to clean the PS5

Home consoles are designed for all those gamers who want to enjoy video games without making life too complicated. Getting a PlayStation 5 means unboxing the kit, plugging in a few cables, inserting the disc into the drive — or not even that if you have the digital version — and playing on the couch. There is no need to worry about whether our graphics card will not be powerful enough to run a game or we will waste time installing new drivers for our GPU. However, the fact that using a PS5 to play is easier than its equivalent on a computer does not mean that the Sony team does not require any type of maintenance . If you want your PlayStation 5 to always perform like the first day and not end up giving you problems in the medium or long term, this is everything you need to know about cleaning this equipment .

Clean the dust of your PS5 to avoid a loss of performance


As technology has advanced, video game consoles have become more powerful. Not only does this mean that our teams can now render games at higher resolutions and with better textures, but it also has a significant impact on an energy level . Believe it or not, this phenomenon is closely linked to cleaning, but let’s go in parts and not get ahead of ourselves.

Since when do you have to clean a console? If the PlayStation 5 is not exactly your first console, right now you will be trying to remember. The consoles we had some 20 years ago rarely required the slightest bit of maintenance . Do you remember even passing a cloth over your PlayStation 2? This was so because the teams we had a few years ago were not as complex. We rarely heard a noise on a PlayStation. We might even have a laugh if we analyze the dissipation system of the iconic Nintendo GameCube.

As consoles have advanced, the energy they consume has also become an important factor. The higher the consumption, the greater the amount of thermal energy that will have to be dissipated from the internal components of the equipment. In each generation, energy dissipation systems have become more prominent in our games. The PlayStation 3 has already given some users some problems. The PS4 we know very well that its fan can pierce eardrums when it rotates at maximum revolutions. And the PlayStation 5 is no exception either. For it to work properly, you will need to clean it from time to time . Fortunately, Sony has worked very well on this aspect in this generation, and cleaning the PS5 is very easy. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge and you can do it in a matter of minutes.

How to clean the PS5 easily

If you’ve ever cleaned your PS4 or watched any tutorials on YouTube, you’ll know that you had to disassemble the system to clean the dirt. In this generation, Sony has completely revolutionized the way you clean your home console. The PS5 has a cleaning system that has surprised us by the little effort that has to be made to keep it like the first day.

Before you continue reading the steps, we leave you here our video in which we explain in a more graphic way how you can carry out this process . In this way, you will be able to guide yourself in a more comfortable way on the points that we are going to explain to you at this point:

Now yes, let’s start with the steps:

  1. Completely turn off your PlayStation 5 and let it cool down for a few minutes if you’ve been gaming intensely. Also remove any cables and unplug the console from the electrical outlet.
  2. Once cool, place your PS5 on a clean table . According to Sony, you should not place it on any type of carpet or carpet that may have fibers – it is logical, you will understand the reason a little later. As we say, a table is the perfect place.
  3. Remove the two plastic covers from the sides of the console . They are not attached by any type of screw. All you have to do to remove them is apply downward force until you hear a ‘clack’. If you have doubts at this point, take a look at the video that we have left you a little above. You will clearly see the movement that must be made to release the plate.
  4. Locate the holes that Sony has placed in the PlayStation 5 for cleaning with air.
    interior ps5.jpg
  5. Once you have them located, there are two ways to clean the console :
    • With a can of compressed air : they are not particularly cheap, but with a can you will be able to do several cleanings. Simply place the can’s stem over the hole and press the button so that the pressurized air can circulate through the circuit.
    • With a vacuum cleaner : it is the most economical way if you already have one of these machines at home. You will have to use the narrowest attachment and vacuum through those ducts. You don’t need a particularly powerful vacuum cleaner to be able to do this.
  6. Also check the fins along the sides of the PS5 and also inspect the front ports for any dust deposits so you can clean them if necessary.
  7. Once done, reattach the two PS5 faceplates . Also reattach the bracket to the console.
  8. Plug it back in and put it back in place.

How often should I clean the PS5?

PS5 en vertical.

At this point, we must tell you that there is no perfect answer to that question. It depends on many reasons. If you live in dusty environments or have multiple pets at home, your console will collect more dust than your friends.

Wipe it from time to time to prevent dust deposited on the console and its surroundings from entering the system and keep an eye on the console from time to time. What tells you that you have to do the process again is the noise made by the fan . If you hear it very loud, it means that the console is trying to blow more air to compensate for the difficulties it is having in dissipating heat.

Prevention is the issue

Now that you know how to clean the console, what you have to be clear about is that you should avoid exposing your PS5 to sources of dirt as much as possible.

  • Avoid poorly ventilated places : the less ventilation, the more the fans will have to turn. If the place where we have the console is dusty, the circuits will fill with dirt more quickly.
  • Beware of animals : if you have long-haired pets at home, you have to know that the hair will end up inside your console if you don’t clean the house properly.