How to Change the Zoom Password: Step by Step

Zoom has become one of the most used video calling platforms in recent weeks and one of the best alternatives to Skype due to confinement by the coronavirus. Companies and teachers alike are using it to keep it as normal as possible, and its performance has been good. The problem is that, in addition to the multiple security flaws that the application has, a hack has caused hundreds of thousands of passwords to be leaked from its users. Therefore, we will explain how to change the password.

Earlier in the week it was revealed that 500,000 Zoom accounts had been hacked, which were being sold on the Dark Web at very low prices, and in some cases were even being given away. The login data came from other old hacking databases, where many users seem not to mind reusing passwords.

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By using the same email and password for the leaks, an attacker can easily access accounts that reuse the same credentials in Zoom. This is a problem that we continue to face constantly, because not only are there some who reuse passwords, but many use easy ones such as “123456”.

In the data that circulates through the Dark Web is the email, the password, the URL of the meeting, and the Host password. To check if your account is among those affected, it is best to go to and enter your email to see if it is present in the Dark Web databases. It will appear there if our account has been hacked in previous leaks, and if we have used the same email and the same password that we had in that service, then our account will be among Zoom’s hacked .

Thus, we can see that Zoom has not suffered any attack that has endangered the security of its users, but that credentials obtained in previous hacks are being used. Zoom has suffered some security problems in recent weeks, where it has been discovered that it was sending data in a hidden way to Facebook and other privacy problems, which has led companies like Tesla or Google to discourage its use.

How to change the password in Zoom

In the event that the account is among those affected, we have to change it. To do this, we have to go to My profile on the Zoom website, and go down to the Login password part. In that section we get Edit on the right side. We click on it, and a box will appear asking for our current password.

zoom cambiar contraseña

Below, the box appears in which we must put the new password . It is important to choose a long, complex, and above all, unique password that we are not using in any other account of any other service. We give Save changes, and we will already have changed the password.

In the event that you are logged in with Google or Facebook, your account will not have been affected by the data breach because in these cases unique hashes are generated and the password of our Google and Facebook accounts are safe.