How to Change Electricity Company if We Are Renting

Do you have doubts about whether while you are renting you can change your electricity company or not? Don’t worry, this question is very common. Therefore, we have prepared an article for you where we explain all the aspects that you must take into account about this aspect.

Change Electricity Company if We Are Renting

Who should decide?

The ideal is to reach a consensus or, at a minimum, tell the landlord about your decision, but you will like to know that the law protects you because the tenants being the ones who are going to enjoy and pay for the energy are the ones who have the last decision about the rate and the electric company.

This law is contained in Royal Decree 1955/2000 , a decree that regulates the authorization procedures for electric power installations.

In short, you can freely choose the electricity company that is best for you and you should not stick to the one previously contracted by the landlord.

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Why become the owner of the supply?

It is true that you can reach an agreement and that the homeowner remains the owner, as long as he allows you to choose a company and, in addition, you provide your email to be able to be aware of the invoice and receive all the company’s emails. Anyway, the ideal is that you also happen to be the starter.

Advantages of taking charge of your electricity supply:

  • Choose the electricity rate that best suits your pace of life.
  • Possibility of choosing a renewable energy electric.
  • Carry out procedures without the need for third parties.
  • Total control and study of the evolution of your invoices.
  • Possibility of directly making the necessary changes in the client area.

Is it easy to change companies?

With Gana Zone it is very simple. You simply have to enter this page, select the rate that interests you the most and fill in the data. From our experience as energy experts we recommend the rate at cost price because in the medium and long term it is possible to save more with this rate than with other options, but as in the choice of company: you are the one who decides.

What information will you ask me? Only the basics to formalize the change. It won’t take you more than five minutes . Some personal and housing information will be requested, as well as the bank account and CUPS.

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What should I look for to change electric?

It will depend on your circumstances, but these are the aspects that you should take into account the most to choose a quality electric:

  • Always cheap prices.
  • Renewable energy.
  • That they do not have permanence.
  • Find out if they have a competent customer service team.

We hope we have helped you solve this common question. And if you are a landlord, we encourage you to make the decision to delegate this aspect to your tenant because for you this action has two main advantages: you do not take care of the electrical management and if you are not the owner you will not have to face debts that the tenant may originate.

For any questions, our team of energy advisers will be happy to help you. Our goal is for you to choose the rate that best suits your consumption and, therefore, the one that is easiest for you to save. We will wait for you!