How to block apps on OnePlus mobiles

In our daily use of our mobile devices, it is clear that where we store the most information is within the different applications that we have installed. Therefore, it is essential that we protect our phone. However, there will be many occasions in which it will not only be useful to have a key or face unlock to protect the smartphone . And we will need an extra so that nobody accesses our apps.

That is why, to improve the protection of the different data that we can store in the different applications, OnePlus puts at our service a tool that will be essential to activate it. We refer to a setting that comes by default on your smartphones to give greater security to third-party software. Therefore, we will explain what it can do for us at all times and how we have to activate it correctly so that it works without any problem.

How to block apps on OnePlus mobiles

What does this function do in the OnePlus?

The most logical thing is that our mobile device is only used by us, but at some point we may lend it to someone so that they can play with it or take a photograph. For this reason, it is always good to ensure our privacy so that no one gossips our Gallery, social networks, among other applications in which we can have sensitive content that we do not want anyone to see.

For this reason, it is important to use one of those tools from the Asian manufacturer that will let us “hide” the applications of our smartphone. They will not disappear at any time, as they will remain in plain sight, but it will be impossible for anyone else, except ourselves, to enter them.

Duplicar aplicaciones OnePlus

Without a doubt, it will be the best option we will have when configuring our smartphone a little more to achieve more privacy. Well, in order to prevent someone from entering our phone and “gossiping” any type of content that we have stored in an app, we will have a native function called Application Blocker .

And, the best thing about this OnePlus tool , basically is that we will not need to download any type of third-party software from the Google store to ensure our privacy. In addition, it will offer us different ways to quickly unlock them, which we will explain below.

Another advantage of being able to have this tool is that its activation is very simple, so it will not be necessary to have a great deal of handling of the mobile device. This is so because we are, as we said, before a native OxygenOS setting, the software layer that OnePlus smartphones have.

How to activate the app blocker

So, if you need to gain privacy, you just have to follow a series of steps within the settings of your OnePlus mobile device , and they are the following:

  1. Enter the settings of your smartphone.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Utilities section and click on it.
  3. Then go into App Blocker.

Once we have reached this point of the native OxygenOS setting , it will give us three options. And all so that we can choose the type of lock when accessing the screen of said app. Among the ways it offers us are the following: Pattern, PIN and Password. Therefore, in this step, it will depend on the taste of each user, since the three alternatives will fulfill the same protection function.

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We will even have an extra function that will provide us with this tool. More than anything, it is that we can also configure how we want the notifications to be displayed on the lock screen. To do this, it will give us three options:

  • Show all content of notifications.
  • Show sensitive content only when unlocking.
  • Don’t show notifications.

Then, once we have selected how we want the notifications that reach us to be displayed, we will have to click Done. After this, we will arrive at a screen where we will have to click on Add applications so that we will be taken directly to a menu where we will see all the software that we have on our mobile device, which we can save with a password.

In case you want to remove them from this function, we will only have to click on the X that will appear on the right side of the software that was protected. Finally, in this same window, it will let us choose if we want the content of the different notices that come to us in these apps that we have included in this tool to be hidden or not. For this, you will only need to click on the switch that appears next to Hide the content of notifications.

Protect your OnePlus smartphone

The operating system of OnePlus mobiles offer us various features, so the above will not be the only way we have at our disposal to achieve greater privacy and protection. In addition, it has a really useful functionality that allows us to hide both our smartphone apps and all those files that we want to keep under lock and key.

In order to make them disappear in plain sight, even us, we will have to open the application drawer and swipe to the right. In this way, we will arrive at a hidden space that not many will know. Once we have fully configured it, we will only have to touch the “+” symbol to be able to add more apps in this tool. With this, we will protect them with a PIN or fingerprint, it will depend on our choice.

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We will also have the possibility of hiding files as we said before. From images, videos, PDF to even Word documents through the safe-deposit box function in the file manager application. It is also known as Lockbox, and it comes built into the OxygenOS file manager .

In this way, we can safely store the documents we want here. Especially so that when you need to access these hidden files, only you can. And the best of all is that we will only need to open the file manager app and scroll down until we see a safe box option where our hidden files will have to be. Of course, we must bear in mind that it will not be encrypted, they will only hide our most personal documents so that they are not in plain sight on our mobile device.