How to better use the heating of the car to save gasoline

We know; within what it costs to have a car there are various more or less variable sections: insurance, taxes or the workshop. However, there is a disbursement that is fixed as long as you use your vehicle. Obviously, it is about fuel and affects our day to day. But did you know that you could save gas by making better use of your heating?

Try to make good use of heating

better use the heating of the car to save gasoline

Because yes, we are increasingly aware that it is necessary to pay attention to the environment. In addition, drivers must face high fuel prices , which is not lost on us that owning a vehicle implies a series of expenses (insurance, maintenance…) that we must face.

For all these reasons, efficient driving is necessary and the truth is that we, as drivers, can do several things to save gasoline. In any case, this time we are not going to refer to practical driving, but to make good (and recommended) use of our car’s heating .

And it is that having a suitable temperature in the car is one of the essential requirements for proper driving, providing comfort not only to the driver but also to the passengers. But, you have to be careful with the consumption of heating, especially in winter, since a high or misuse can lead to a high cost of battery, fuel or a breakdown.

You will get comfort and savings

We have to take into account that there are a number of aspects that have to be taken care of regarding fuel consumption in order to avoid certain expenses that are unnecessary, especially if we think that driving, in addition to the state of certain elements, will affect in the consumption of gasoline in addition to that of diesel and in battery energy in electric vehicles.

With the fact that the heat generated for the operation of the engine is used, it gives a first clue on how to use the heating: even if we are cold, it is worth waiting some time from the moment we start the car until we put the heating on : if the car is not hot yet, the air that will enter if we turn on the heating immediately will not be hot either; on the contrary, it will cool the interior of the vehicle more.

Therefore, if what we are looking for is to save gasoline, what we have to do is start the march in addition to allowing the combustion engine to keep the vehicle warm . In any case, and beyond saving gasoline, like any other aspect related to your car, it is also convenient to check the operation of the heating periodically.

Calefacción ahorrar gasolina

Aspects to follow

Likewise, and as something to agree, it is also possible to do some tricks with which we will be able to improve this aspect, among them, for example, disabling air recirculation, but there is more.

  • Do not use very high temperatures . One of the mistakes that many drivers make is to access the vehicle and, as soon as it starts, turn on the heating at high temperatures and power. This is not efficient at all and consumes a lot of battery power. No matter how much we put the heating at maximum speed, its effect will take more or less the same as if we did it at a more normal level. Therefore, it is better to choose to put it at a medium temperature and go little by little looking for the ideal temperature.
  • Disable air recirculation . It is not recommended to use air recirculation in the car for more than 10 minutes, which we can turn on to prevent dust, pollen or odors from entering the car. Among the effects can be a overloaded environment that reduces concentration or even reflexes when driving.
  • Direct the air outlet at the feet so that it rises and heats the entire cabin as soon as possible, and thus the temperature will be warm both in the feet and in the head, without leaving parts of your body colder.
  • Turn off the heating before stopping the car, which will provide less overload to the engine ignition when we get back to the car. In addition, the life of many engine elements will be extended.
  • Park in sunny areas to help you use less heating.