How is a Google Pixel with Android better than an iPhone with iOS?

All those who have an iPhone , in general, remain tied to the brand for a long time, either because they are very happy with what the firm offers or because they have their digital ecosystem anchored to iOS. However, there are those who consider switching, sooner or later, to Android.

In this case, there are endless models that work with Google’s operating system, ready to offer similar or better features than an Apple phone . However, if we have to be fair, the best alternative is the Google Pixel , since it presents a pure operating system, just like Apple has in iOS.

How is a Google Pixel with Android better than an iPhone with iOS

What changes between an iPhone and the Google Pixel?

Here we are not going to go into each of the specifications of one phone or another, because you may want to go from an iPhone 11 to a Pixel 5 , from an iPhone 8 to a Pixel 7 or from a 2022 iPhone SE to a Pixel 6a .

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Choosing between a Google Pixel running Android and an iPhone running iOS depends on individual user preferences and needs. There are some areas where the Google Pixel running Android can be better than the iPhone, just as it can be the other way around. On paper, the main changes between the two mobiles are held at these points.

  • Integration with the Google ecosystem: The Google Pixel has deeper integration with the Google ecosystem, which can be an advantage for those who use Google services such as Google Drive, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Assistant, etc. It’s also easier to set up and sync with other Android devices.
  • Personalization – Android is known for its customization capabilities. Users of Google phones can alter countless elements of the user interface at will, such as the home screen, widgets and change the icons, among other things. They can even change the launcher.
  • Virtual Assistant – Google Assistant, Google’s virtual assistant, integrates very well with the Google Pixel running Android, which can be a plus if you prefer using it for everyday tasks. However, there are those who like Siri more, much more.
  • Compatibility : The Google Pixel with Android is compatible with a wide range of devices, including devices not made by Google, while the iPhone is only compatible with other Apple devices with Google operating systems.
  • Autonomy : In general, smartphones that work with Google’s operating system offer higher capacity cells than those found in most iPhones, making it unnecessary to charge the phone at the end of the day, as is the case with many devices. Manzana.
  • Prices : Google Pixels are usually cheaper than iPhones, especially when compared to recent models.

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What do I lose by ditching the iPhone?

As you may already know, iPhones also have their own advantages, such as an integrated ecosystem around the phone, easy-to-use software, a wide selection of apps, and high security. On paper, this is what you will not find in a mobile like the Google Pixel:

  • Exclusive applications : If you use specific iOS applications that do not have an Android version, you will have to look for alternatives in the Google Play Store and, many times, their functionality will not be even similar.
  • Ease of Use – iOS is known for its ease of use and simplified user experience. It is true that it is less customizable, but this makes it a more accessible system for the majority of users.
  • Software Updates – iOS receives software updates more frequently than Android. If you have a Pixel device, you ensure many updates and very fast, but not as punctual or as widespread as those offered by Apple.
  • Privacy and security : Apple has highlighted the importance of privacy and security in its ecosystem, being one point above what Google offers in its Pixels.
  • Resale value : We all know that an iPhone SE depreciates less over time, that is, you can sell it second-hand for a very high value. However, the Pixels, like any other Google phone, have already lost half their value after just a few months on the market.