How to Place a Screen Protector Without Bubbles

It is very easy to find a screen protector for our mobile. The network is full of online stores that will allow us to buy a plastic that will prevent the screen from breaking at the first change after an accidental fall or blow. The downside of buying this accessory outside a specialized physical store, is that we will have to place the protector ourselves, facing face to face with the dreaded bubbles.

Encouraging to place our own tempered glass has no mystery. However, it is easy to see how bubbles are present in those screens in which the screen protector has been placed in a “bungling” way without taking a minimum of care and without following the basic guidelines so that this does not happen.

protector de pantalla antes y despues

Why do bubbles come out?

There are two important factors that have to do with the “before” and the “after” of placing the protector, and that greatly influence the appearance or not of bubbles. First, we will have to proceed to a total cleaning of the screen. Any particle of dirt, fingerprints or dust can contribute to the appearance of bubbles when we put the protector.


If we do not have a special suede to clean the screens, we can use the classic cloth to clean the glasses or any other cloth that is not capable of releasing particles or tiny children. Cleaning should be done in all directions around the entire screen, including its edges and corners.

How to remove them

The next step will be done after placing the screen protector, since it is very common that even having placed slowly and with the patience that the operation requires, bubbles appear at the end of the process. This occurs even when placed by a professional with thousands of protectors behind him.

Big bubble

If we have a large bubble in the center, the best advice is to lift the protector from a corner and remove it until we reach the bubble to eliminate it. Then we just have to gently put the protector on the screen again.

burbuja en pantalla

Small bubbles

If the bubble is small in size, we can try pressing the finger with it, as if we intended to explode it. This trick makes them disappear in most cases.


Remove the rest

Many protectors include a straightener to remove bubbles that have survived . If not, we can use a flat element such as a credit card or the cards in which the operator sends us SIM cards and that there is always one in a lost drawer of the house.

Now it only remains to “drag” the bubbles with gentle movements but firmly squeezing so that the air disappears. As we drag the bubbles towards the edges of the device they will disappear, an operation that we will have to repeat with all those that appear on the screen.