How to Activate Split Screen on Realme Mobiles

Realme mobiles have improved a lot in recent months thanks to the new version of its Realme UI 1.0 layer, which has numerous functionalities to make its handling easier and more efficient. One of the most interesting is Android’s split screen, which has its own interpretation by the Chinese firm.

Activate Split Ccreen on Realme Mobiles

Split screen has been with us for a long time among Android phones . Thanks to it, we can have several apps on the surface of the screen, and therefore do more in the same space on the panel of our screen.

How to manage split screen

Realme mobiles have an exclusive section in their settings that allows us to configure the split screen of the phone to our liking. To do this we must access these settings in the following way:

  • Enter the phone settings
  • Access “split screen”
  • Press the “split screen” slider

pantalla dividida móviles Realme

Now you already have this native Android functionality also on your Realme mobile, although we can use it in a somewhat different way than usual, due to the customization made by the brand in this way. Although it is a native Android mode that is available on different mobiles, in this case Realme has introduced improvements to make it even easier to use.

How to access split screen?

Realme has wanted to simplify the way to activate this mode , and also integrate it with some of its intelligent interface functions. For this, it offers different forms of activation. We have these forms:

  • Slide three fingers up: in this way the screen is divided into three quarters, the desktop of the phone appearing in the largest area. Therefore, we have the current app at the top, and below we can open any other on the phone to share the screen. To do this you must activate the button “slide 3 fingers up to activate split screen” in the same menu where split screen is activated.

pantalla dividida móviles Realme

  • From the multitasking menu: click on the two buttons at the top right of the app that you want to share on the screen and click on “split screen”
  • With the multitasking button: if you still use the three classic Android navigation buttons, you can activate the multiscreen by pressing and holding on the multitasking button at the bottom left, the one shown in a square color
  • From smart sidebar: to activate it from here we must open the sidebar, long press on the app that we want to divide on the screen and drag it over it.

pantalla dividida móviles Realme

As you can see, there are many interpretations and options that Realme offers us to be able to enjoy the split screen on our phone, adapting it to the shape and form that we like the most.