How to Activate “Smart Scrolling” Screen on a Realme

The mobile phones of the Chinese brand have become the protagonists of the entry and middle range in recent months. They are facing Redmi with a large number of cheap models, as well as with Realme UI , the software layer that has such interesting functions for the screen of their mobiles as the uniform scrolling.

Activate "Smart Scrolling" Screen on a Realme

Within this layer there is a section for new functionalities, which are in development or beta phase, so to speak, these are usually gathered under the umbrella of ” Realme labs ” where we will find this interesting function.

What is this function for?

It must be said that we are not facing a vital feature of our phone, but that it is useful enough to make our lives easier. It is a way that, as its name says, scrolls the screen evenly . Normally when we slide our finger across the screen to “scroll” either for example in the application drawer or browsing a web, it moves vertically at the exact rate that our fingers do. So if we slide slowly the screen will slide the same, and if we do it quickly it will also follow our rhythm.

pantalla Realme

But with this function activated all that movement is uniform. Which means that even if we more or less slide our fingers on the screen, it will move at the same speed, in a uniform way as the name of the function describes. In this way it is easier to move through the menus and navigate, having to move your fingers less to reach other areas of the screen sooner. This can be very useful when we use the phone with one hand or in a position where our fingers cover a very small area of the screen.

How is the function activated?

Well, as we told you before, it is a function that is currently within “Realme Lab”, this means that it is still under development and could be improved in the future until it is integrated into the ordinary settings of Realme mobiles. In any case, the way to activate it is currently very simple. To do this you have to do the following:

  • Enter the phone settings
  • Click on “Realme Lab” at the end of the menu
  • Activate “Uniform Scroll”

Now you will notice the difference instantly, although it is a very personal way, and it may be something useful for some and not so much for others, in any case, for that we have the option to deactivate it in reverse.