How to Activate the Moon Mode on Huawei Phones with EMUI

The cameras of our smartphones have undergone a tremendous technological leap in recent years. The results of a mobile can sometimes rival those of professional cameras, thanks in part to the increased software capacity and the help functions of AI. Huawei has functions dedicated to achieving amazing results, even pointing at the Moon.

Activate the Moon Mode on Huawei Phones

The Moon has always been a prime target of so-called “astrophotography.” This technique requires patience, nights out in the open, and the right equipment. Today’s smartphones already have modes dedicated to astrophotography, which in turn can be divided into specific modes, such as Huawei’s Moon Mode.

This mode is arrived at Huawei in the times of EMUI 9.1, being only available for the Mate 20 series. Over time it has been refined and we also find it in other terminals of the house such as the P30, including the P30 Lite, the P40 , Mate 30, Mate 40 … The digital zoom and the AI features help to activate this mode.

How to use Moon Mode

The first thing we will have to do is open the camera app and make sure that Photo mode is enabled . Then we point the phone at the moon and slide up or down to adjust the zoom level. We can also pinch the screen with two fingers to do it.

Upon reaching a zoom of 10x or more, a preview window will appear in the viewfinder, indicating the location of the magnified area within the entire image. When the moon is full or almost full, the moon mode should automatically activate. Now we only have to keep the mobile fixed in the image and click on the shot, always waiting for the process to finish before moving the mobile.

modo luna huawei

Tips for use in Moon Mode

Activate AI

Before you zoom to focus on the Moon, there are a few tricks that can improve your results. The first is to activate the AI, so that the terminal can adjust some parameters automatically. Some users report not finding much difference, but it may improve the shot in other cases.

With HDR Mode

Another tip is to activate the HDR Mode, to enhance some areas of the moon, enhancing the colors of the lighter and darker areas. This is something very personal and its activation may depend on the experience in previous results and the tests that we do.

Better with a tripod

Finally, and as usual in this type of photos, having a tripod will always improve stability when shooting , and therefore, the final result.