How the TikTok “retweet” works, which will soon reach everyone

In the eternal quest for you not to be able to distinguish one social network from another, TikTok goes one step further in the process of constant photocopying that they all do. Now it’s time to clone Twitter and, apparently, TikTok is testing a new option that, basically, is the retweet of a lifetime , but in this case, applied to the videos of this social network. We tell you all the details.

How the TikTok “retweet” works

There will come a day when it will not matter which social network you enter, because basically all of them will be identical in design and features. They don’t stop copying each other and that strategy is on purpose.

The last milestone in the race has been given by TikTok, which has gone to copy the social network Twitter, the swamp of bile and hoaxes in which more trolls per square meter live. Of course, at least it is more sincere, not like Instagram.

TikTok’s new Repost button lets you “retweet” posts

TikTok is testing its own version of Twitter’s retweet option with the addition of a new button, called “Repost,” that allows users to extend the reach of other creators’ videos by sharing them with their own followers.

This new option is not very visible and, in fact, is located within the “Share” menu . Now, in addition to sending a video to friends through WhatsApp or other means, you can show it to your followers.

However, there is a difference regarding the retweet, the video you share does not appear on your profile when they visit you , as in the case of Twitter. You simply send it to infect your friends’ feed.

Botón de Repost en TikTok

An option in tests for a few, for now

For now, the repost option is being tested on a limited number of TikTok users.

So, for now, if you want to share content that you liked, you will have to do it as usual, creating a new reaction or response video, which includes the one that you want your followers to see.

Apparently, you can’t share all videos with the future repost button either, just the ones that appear in your feed under the “For You” section.

Another big difference with Twitter is that you can only see the reposts if the person who has done it and you follow each other .

Mensaje exitoso de Repost

The reason for all this is that TikTok doesn’t want the feature to be exploited by coordinated groups agreeing to spread videos that wouldn’t naturally be shared.

Come on, that tries to stop the total manipulation that has distorted each social network, especially Twitter itself, where things like trends no longer make sense or reflect reality, being manipulated by groups that act together.

It amuses me that someone thinks that social networks reflect reality, but hey, there everyone believes in what they want.

Of course, as with retweets, if at any time you want to go back, you can do so by removing the repost .

In short, nothing new under the sun of social networks. We will see when this button reaches the whole world, until now, TikTok has not officially said anything about it and will be seeing the result of these previous tests.