How RAM affects mobile performance

All aspects of our phone should be important, but there is one in which we will have to pay special attention, and we are not precisely talking about the processor. We are referring to the RAM memory of the mobile . This component has become one of the vital points in which we must pay close attention, more than anything because if we want it to perform well we will not only have to keep an eye on the CPU, but this type of storage is vital.

How RAM affects mobile performance

In addition, it is today one of the decisive resources, since it can greatly affect the performance of smartphones. Despite this, there are still many users who are completely unaware of this internal element of the device, so it is time to solve the different unknowns that we can find around this component that has been obtaining so much importance over time in the mobile sector.

What is RAM?

Before going fully into knowing how you can look or how much RAM a phone needs to function properly, it is important to know what exactly this type of memory is that is built into every mobile device. We are facing a random access memory, better known as RAM. This type of storage is used by different devices to store data that will be necessary in the short term.

Therefore, you have to know that it is a type of ultra-fast memory. More than anything because, both reading and writing, must be done almost immediately, something that would be impossible in case of using other types of memory such as that used by devices as internal storage.

In the case of smartphones, it acts in a specific way. To begin with, the operating system is in charge of controlling the access of the terminal apps and other elements of the system to the RAM memory, so that they can read or write only when it allows it.

But, in a much more simplified way, in our day to day it means that the operating system, its different processes and other elements have used part of this ultra-fast storage to be able to get to work, while the space remains free is for the different apps that let’s open on the mobile. In addition, when you restart the device, this storage will be completely freed, filling up with the different elements that we have just mentioned.

How to look at it

In this case we will depend to a great extent on the operating system of our phone. For example, in Apple phones there is no way to check this type of storage, so we will have to resort to a third-party application. We recommend the Lirum Device Info Lite app:

On the other hand, within the Android world, practically all devices would have to offer us this information if we navigate between their settings. But, in general, we must access Settings> Phone information / System / About phone (we put several options because the name of this section may change depending on the customization layer). Within this, we must look for the RAM Memory section, in which it will tell us the total.

ver memoria RAM en móviles Android

Also, if we enable the development options we can see the apps that are using this memory. To do this, go to Settings> About phone / System / About phone> Press 7 times on the build number. Then, look for the development options and go to Memory or Running . In the first option we can see the average memory use, while in the second alternative, we will see the apps that are using this type of storage. Although if you want to find even more information about this type of storage, we recommend the CPU-Z app, free on Google Play:

Developer: CPUID

The types

In the same way that there are different types of processors, screens, among other aspects, in the smartphone market we can also find several types of this memory that, in general terms, differ both in their speed and in their energy efficiency. And although there may be several types, we will talk about the three most common that you can find, so, for your next phone you will have to make sure that it does not have a lower version than these options, because it will not be the most recommended if you are looking for a good memory RAM.

móvil memoria ram


This is the least advanced option of the three that we will present to you, we refer to the LPDDR4 . Although, it is normal to be able to find it in the mid-range and low-range terminals. We are facing a type of storage that manages to support capacities that only go up to 32 GB of space . In addition, its speed for data transfer is up to 4,266 Mbps, as we will see in the next type.


As time has progressed, we find that the most common type that we will see in different smartphones is the LPDDR4X RAM. The X at the end tells us that it is a derivative version of LPDDR4 technology, which we have just seen. This type in particular can offer us a data transfer speed of up to 4,266 Mbps, as in the previous case, however, it is capable of supporting capacities ranging from 8 GB to 96 GB .


The evolution in all aspects of the phones is clear, for this reason, the RAM was not going to be left behind. For this reason, LPDDR5 technology has already begun to spread among mobiles. In addition, we are facing the fastest type thanks to its speed of up to 6,400 Mbps which translates into transfers of more than 50 GB per second. It even improves the energy consumption of the terminals by up to 30%. But, as we said, it is expanding, so we will only see this technology in top-of-the-range smartphones.

How much memory do you need?

Another of the most widespread unknowns, if not the most widespread, among different mobile users is related to how much RAM any mobile needs so that its performance is what we expect, and it does not always remain frozen. Many, logically, will think that the more the better, but the truth is that the answer is not so simple.

RAM necesaria en los móviles

To begin with, we would have to download a 1 GB terminal, since apps and system processes are getting heavier. From there, things will improve. However, one of the most recommended options will be to have a phone that has at least 4 GB of this storage. With the aim that we can keep a large number of apps open simultaneously without the terminal suffering any type of freezing or going much slower.

Although, if you are one of those who spends hours playing different games, or you use your phone to work or other related aspects, your best option will be to have at least 8 GB of RAM, or also 12 GB if you are too demanding with it. performance of a smartphone. Therefore, the amount will depend on the use you are going to make of your device. The more demanding you ask, the more RAM you will have to look for.