How much does it cost to update Windows?

Microsoft currently offers us a fairly reliable and secure operating system, although it also has many detractors. The growth of this software over time has been important, where its updates have played a very important role, and will continue to do so.

As most of you know, in these times it is not worth installing and running our operating system on the computer. It requires certain maintenance tasks in order to improve its performance and safety . This is something that is extended, not only to the aforementioned Microsoft proposal, but also to Linux distributions or Apple software in this regard. But in these lines we are going to focus on Windows updates.

How much does it cost to update Windows

First of all, it is important to know that as the months and years go by, we receive a multitude of software elements of this type. In fact, we can find cumulative or feature updates that are implemented in the current version of the system that we have installed. Depending on their function and content, they will be of one type or another. To give you an idea, the cumulative ones usually arrive monthly and focus on patching the latest vulnerabilities discovered .

On the other hand, we find the feature updates that are sent semi-annually or every year to bring us the latest developed features . By default, all this comes to us through the Windows Update function that we find in the Settings application. Thus, due to the importance of these elements that we mention, some may wonder the cost of all this. Next, we will clarify how much it costs to update Microsoft’s operating system, Windows.

What is the price of updates in Windows

Keeping software with these characteristics up-to-date is very important, despite the possible failures that we may come across from time to time. Hence, the software development firm itself sends us this type of elements constantly. If we focus on this operating system, we must bear in mind that, as long as it has official support, its updates are free .

windows update

This means that we will be able to receive both the cumulative and the characteristic ones without having to pay a single euro for all of it. As we mentioned before, this is usually done through Windows Update. But at the same time we have a website that corresponds to the official Microsoft Catalog where we find all these updates.

Things change when we face or work with an operating system that has already been abandoned by the firm. Serve as a clear example of all this what is now happened with Windows 7 . And it is that, after the withdrawal of the official support of the operating system, Microsoft offered the possibility of continuing to receive updates for two more years, but paying . This is a good option for businesses that are planning to migrate to a more current version, such as Windows 10 or Windows 11, but need to work with computers that stay up to date.

But except for these cases, we must be clear that updates to the operating system are free.