How many people can watch Netflix through a single account right now?

Netflix keeps saying over and over again that one of the goals they have in mind is to end account sharing . What was initially the great attraction for the deployment of the platform worldwide has become somewhat of a hindrance. The Los Gatos company has already carried out some pilot tests in several Latin American countries to evaluate its way of making the change. As we prepare for the end of the bargain, it’s time to ask: How many users can watch Netflix with a single account in 2022?

Netflix account sharing limits in 2022

How many people can watch Netflix through a single account
As you already know, Netflix has several plans that we can hire based on our needs. The most profitable plan has always been the largest, as it allows us to share the account with friends or family and significantly reduce the monthly price for accessing the content platform.

Currently, Netflix still has three different plans , although their prices have risen significantly since the company landed in Spain back in 2015. The memberships currently available are the following:

  • Basic Plan : This plan is totally individual . Allows you to view a single screen simultaneously. It is worth 7.99 euros per month , and you can access the entire catalog of Netflix series, movies and video games. You can also use a single device (smartphone or tablet) to download content offline . Its big drawback is that we will be limited to SD video quality, which makes this plan not worth it directly.
  • Standard Plan : For 12.99 euros , the standard plan allows you to view two screens at the same time and also use two devices to keep content offline. In this case, the streaming quality goes up to HD resolution, although at the time we are in, limiting by quality still seems like a pretty ugly move. Per user, this membership costs approximately 6.50 euros.
  • Premium Plan – So far, everyone’s favorite. Here, the resolution is no longer limited, so you can watch movies and series in Ultra HD quality. It allows 4 users at the same time, and also 4 offline devices. The monthly price is 17.99 euros , about 4.50 euros per month per user.

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Whichever membership you choose, Netflix will let you create a total of 5 profiles per account . That is, you can buy the Standard plan and have a profile for each family member. The only problem is that at the moment in which two users are using Netflix, the third one that enters will have to wait for one of the previous ones to stop using the service.

What does Netflix want to do to limit shared accounts?

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One of the points that will be key in this transition is that the shared accounts will have to be, yes or yes, family members . Some Netflix executives have already emphasized that this detail is in the terms of the platform, although we have all seen Netflix profiles on social networks encouraging us to share the account with friends. Well, that, technically, is going to end.

On the other hand, in the pilot tests that have been carried out in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, it has been tried to charge individually the extra members in Standard and Premium accounts. Of course, each profile will have its own email and password. In theory, the ultimate goal is to prevent us from sharing the password. If we tried to make an equivalence, the price it would cost to add a new member to the Standard plan would be something like 3.20 euros. However, Netflix is still investigating how to implement this change, so we may not see changes to these plans until later this year or well into 2023.