How many devices can I connect to the same outlet? They are less than you think

When we have few plugs at home, the most common and logical thing to do will be to use power strips that have a good number of sockets. However, we must bear in mind that we will not always have to take advantage of a single plug for a large number of devices. For this reason, if you were wondering how many devices you can connect to the same outlet, it’s time to know the answer.

Today we find different power strips that range from three sockets to those that will allow us to connect up to 10 devices at the same time . But, it will not be a good idea, since in doing so we would have to take into account an important aspect that will make us change our minds.

How many devices can I connect to the same outlet

Maximum number of connected devices

First of all, we must be aware that, although a power strip allows us to have a large number of devices connected from a single plug, the truth is that there are a series of usage guidelines that we should not skip. More than anything, because many of the problems that appear when not complying with them are related to overloads.

However, the important point is to know the number of devices that can be connected to a socket through a power strip. In these cases, when we have a power strip that exceeds five sockets, it is best to avoid connecting more than 5 devices. And even more so if you are not using them at the same time. So if you have more, it’s time to unplug those devices.


Basically, because if so, we would be overloading this device, causing the cables and different components to heat up more than necessary. So, in this way, what we will be doing is that the insulating material that they have for safety melts with use. And, with this, we will be causing an increase in the risk of suffering different short circuits or, in the worst case, fires .

In addition to that, depending on the device that we want to connect to the current, it will be better not to plug it into a power strip and put it directly into the wall outlet. More than anything, because in those appliances, for example, with high consumption, it is important to avoid variations in voltage and electricity , as well as possible overheating that can lead to the appliance being damaged by a short circuit.

Other recommendations when using power strips

Once we are clear that it is advisable not to connect more than 5 devices to a single plug , the truth is that there are still a series of recommendations offered by the different manufacturers of power strips. For example, the following points make us very clear:

  • Be careful with the area in which we install it, since the ideal is that the strip is not in a humid area.
  • Do not connect devices that need a lot of voltage.
  • Do not connect one strip to another, as it increases the risk of short circuits and fires.
  • If you have one outdoors make sure it doesn’t get wet.

And it is that, no matter how good the model that you have bought for your home or work, the truth is that this series of recommendations will be better to follow at all times if we do not want the devices that we have connected to be damaged or the power strip

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