How does Apple News work?

Apple has a news subscription service called Apple News+. This service provides subscribers with unlimited access to some of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines. But unfortunately this service is only available in some countries of the world. If you want to know how this service works, in this post we will tell you about some of the most outstanding functions.

Major newspapers and publications that Apple News+ has include the Los Angeles Times, The Times and Sunday Times, and The National Geographic. This service might reduce the maximum number of free articles for a month , but it won’t do away with paywalls entirely, as not all news sources are included in the service. However, Apple News+ offers plenty to read on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

How does Apple News work

The Apple News app shows different tabs in the UK, but in the US it can be different: Today, News+, Following, and Search. Just press News+ to access the subscription service. If you’ve never tried it before or haven’t subscribed yet, you’ll be prompted to subscribe through your device. There are several subscription packages, but if you are already subscribed to Apple One, the subscription to this service is already included in the package.

Apple News Mac

Principal functions

Once you open this service, News+ has a selection of tabs at the top , including a My Magazines, Downloads, Newspapers and Catalog tab. Within the catalog section is where you will see all the titles that are offered and you can follow the ones that appeal to you. When you follow a title, new issues of that title will appear in your My Magazines section, along with issues of other magazines or newspapers you’ve previously read.

You will be able to personalize the news you receive on your iPhone if you activate it . To do this, the first thing you have to do is follow a channel or topic. Once you follow, related articles appear more often in the Today feed, and the channel or topic appears in the Following tab. When you first open News, tap Following, then tap the plus next to the channels and topics you want to follow. If there’s a channel or topic you don’t want to appear in the feed, press and hold it, then choose “Block Channel” or “Stop Suggesting”. When you lock a channel or topic, its articles don’t appear in the Today feed or widgets. To see blocked channels and topics, tap Following > Blocked Channels & Topics.

Apple News iPad To follow a channel, tap “Discover Channels” at the bottom of the screen and then tap the Plus symbol for each channel you want to follow. To unfollow a channel or topic, swipe it to the left and tap Unfollow. To easily follow specific channels and topics, tap Search, enter the name of the channel or topic in the search field, and tap the results below.