How Artificial Intelligence Can Affect User Privacy

artificial-intelligencePrivacy is one of the most important factors for users. However, we must bear in mind that it is not always present in our daily lives. Especially when new platforms and devices arise, our personal information may be at risk. Today we echo a story that alerts how Artificial Intelligence will bring more privacy problems to users. Especially it will cause machine learning. We will explain what it is.

Artificial Intelligence will affect privacy

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence we do it with all that technology that is able to predict and perceive through machines . It is something that is slowly entering society, but that in the future will undoubtedly be even more present. But not everything is positive, as we can imagine.

According to a group of researchers that we echo, Artificial Intelligence will bring negative values to our privacy. You will put at risk many of our personal data and information. It is especially machine learning that will affect our privacy to a greater extent.

Machine learning requires large amounts of data. This means that you will get a lot of information from users. It uses a system that derives from access to many data as part of its process to function properly.

Basically we can say that these Artificial Intelligence systems will need to access and consume a lot of user information. A large amount of data that, in short, can affect privacy and security.


What data does Artificial Intelligence get

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to obtain a large amount of information and data from users. We are talking about, for example, being able to collect data related to reports, users’ faces, medical records, financial data, location, communications … Everything that allows you to create a profile of that person and be able to achieve your goals.

With all these data they obtain they could track us , know more about us and also use them to include us in lists that can send us spam, targeted advertising, etc. All this logically is not positive.

It is true that Artificial Intelligence is a set of tools that can be useful in our day to day. They can help us carry out different tasks and make life easier to some extent. However, as we have seen, it can also negatively affect our privacy.

Nowadays our personal data have a great value in the network . Many marketing companies look for ways to collect personal information to achieve goals as we have mentioned. They could create a profile of us and put our security and privacy at risk. Both factors are highly valued by users and could be in danger due to Artificial Intelligence and especially by machine learning.

We leave you an article where we give a series of tips to improve privacy and protect us from spyware . Some recommendations not to make mistakes that put our information at risk.