HomePod Problems Connecting to the Internet: Solution

The HomePod may be a must-have for many be it for the audio quality or simply for the voice assistant. The problem is that it depends on the internet to perform many of its functions and it can fail at some point. In this article we tell you how you can try to solve it easily.

Identify internet problems

When the Apple smart speaker is left without an internet connection there is no kind of physical witness on the device itself. That is why you must make the query in the Home application itself where a notice will appear under the HomePod with the message ‘Not available’. Clicking on this notice will give much more information about the failure that occurs, which may be related to the internet connection.

HomePod Problems Connecting to the Internet

The other possible option to identify the problem with the network is to ask Siri something. Because Apple’s voice assistant always requires an internet connection, when you go to ask it for anything and it can’t search for it, it will tell you that it doesn’t have internet access. In this way you can identify the problem in a very simple way.

Check the WiFi connection

Keep in mind that the HomePod may have forgotten the WiFi network it was normally connected to. This may be the result of having changed the password for your internet network and even the location of the HomePod. If we stick to the normal operation of the HomePod, it can be connected to the same WiFi network as the iOS device to which it is linked. This is why if you have a good Wi-Fi connection on the iPhone, it should also be transferred to the HomePod automatically. That is, if you change your network password and set it as the default, it will be exported to HomePod.


But the theory is not always fulfilled, this being something that occurs in iOS 12 or higher versions. In the event that the configuration of the WiFi network is not exported, you can manually modify it to the WiFi network where you are connected on the iPhone. To be able to do this you simply must follow the following steps:

  • Access the home application.
  • Go to the settings by pressing the gear.
  • Press the option ‘Change HomePod to …’ you will see the name of the WiFi network to which you are connected immediately.

At this time you can check if it has connected by asking Siri a simple question, waiting for its answer.

Restart HomePod

The simplest solution may be the most effective in the end. If you have the WiFi connection properly configured but the smart speaker is still not responding, you can restart it. By turning it off and on you will force it to reconnect to the internet connection again to solve all the problems you may have. To do this you can disconnect it from the mains directly and reconnect it. It can also be done from the settings in the Home application on your iPhone in the reset section.

homepod y iPhone

Restore HomePod

You can reach the most extreme solutions that go through resetting the speaker completely. In this way it will be as if you had taken it out of the box to carry out the initial configuration solving all the bugs that may cause this problem in the internet connection. To be able to reset the HomePod you simply have to follow the following steps:

  • Unplug and plug the speaker back in.
  • Press and hold the top of HomePod.
  • The white light will turn red.
  • Do not stop pressing until you hear three beeps.

At this moment you can stop pressing the upper part and go on to configure the HomePod from scratch through a device compatible with the home application.