HomeKit Compatible Surveillance Cameras: Models and Tips

HomeKit Compatible Surveillance Cameras

If you have chosen Apple HomeKit as the home automation center of your home, you will know how difficult it is sometimes to find devices for this ecosystem. Apple’s HomeKit is a marvel thanks to its perfect integration with its entire universe of phones, tablets, smartwatches and computers, but as a counterpart, there are not so many compatible products for this system compared to Alexa or Google Assistant. If you want to protect your home by installing your own surveillance system and using Apple HomeKit, today we will bring you a list of the best cameras that you can buy both for the interior of your house and for your garden.

Features that a security camera should have

Each surveillance camera is a world, and depending on the utility you are looking for , you will need it to have some characteristics or others. Of course, the amount of functions that the device has will directly influence the price we have to pay for it.

Nor will we seek the same if we want to buy a single camera , in which case we can surely stretch the budget a bit to get two or three extra functions, than having to buy a large group of recording devices . In this second case, we may have to give up some features so as not to miss out on the purchase.

  • Resolution: there are cameras of different resolutions, although it is recommended that you acquire one whose resolution is 720p or higher. A larger image will not only give you a higher quality, but it will allow you to digitally zoom and see more details within your recording.
  • Angle of view and rotation : there are cameras whose lens is static and will have a vision determined by the focal length of the integrated optics. Other products have a motorized lens that can swing vertically or horizontally, thus achieving a much wider view.
  • Night vision a: although not all cameras support it, it never hurts to have functionalities so that the security device continues to work perfectly when there is no light in the room or outside. Night vision is usually carried out thanks to infrared light, which humans cannot see, but which will allow the camera to record in black and white with great detail.
  • Artificial intelligence and sensors : a factor that is also very interesting, which in turn will substantially determine the price of the product, are the intelligent functions and the set of sensors that are integrated into the surveillance device. Many cameras have facial recognition, and even pets. They are able to detect when a subject has entered our home and is not previously registered in their database. Artificial intelligence can also help us when it comes to tracking a person or an animal inside the house.
  • Communication systems: not all cameras support it, but there are models that have two-way communication functions. We will be able to speak from our iPhone into the room, collecting the sound from the microphone integrated in the security camera and projecting it through its speakers.
  • Storage: finally, the usual thing is that security cameras save their recordings inside a micro SD card. Even so, many brands have their own cloud services, although in this article about surveillance cameras compatible with Apple HomeKit, the logical thing would be for us to look for an integration with iCloud if we are really interested in storing the recordings we make.

Top HomeKit Compatible Models

These are the most recommended models if you are looking for a security camera compatible with the Apple system.

eufy 2K

This model is an indoor IP camera, and it is one of the best-selling models on Amazon to this day. It has a very affordable price and is a very complete product. It has night vision and can be used as a baby surveillance camera . As if that were not enough, we will be able to use the integrated microphone as a public address system to notify our relatives that lunch is already on the table. Returning to the field of security, you can adjust activity zones and discard those angles where we do not want the camera to be snooping. It also recognizes voices, people’s faces and our pets. It has its own mobile application and we can store the recordings both locally and in the cloud. Its resolution is 2K, but when it works with HomeKit, the device is limited to 1080p .

Eve CAM – Indoor Security Camera

eve cam for apple homekit

This other product is somewhat less affordable than the previous alternative, but it specializes in full integration with our iOS ecosystem . It is not an indoor camera compatible with multiple home automation assistants, but its design has been created from the beginning to be compatible only with Apple HomeKit. That is why it is created in the image and likeness of HomeKit Secure Video and meets all the privacy standards that Apple prides itself on. The resolution of this device is Full HD . It also has people and pets tracking and detection functionalities. And its design is very minimalist, which is something that we have loved. If you were wondering, it also has night vision up to a maximum range of 5 meters.

Netatmo Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera

Netatmo Cámara de Vigilancia

If you don’t want to neglect the exterior of your house, this other model is one of the most advanced that you will be able to buy for your garden or terrace. Not only is it a surveillance camera, but it also has a built-in alarm , with a maximum sound of 105 dB. If the camera detects an intruder during the night, it will make a real-time alert to our smartphone at the same time as to sound the siren. Of course, it has night recording .

All content will be stored in a microSD memory . In addition, it has other functions, such as a huge light bulb and a multitude of sensors for temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure and noise level. In other words, we will also be able to use this product as a kind of weather station .

eufyCam 2C Pro

eufy outdoor camara

This other outdoor camera has 2K resolution and works with batteries , giving a maximum autonomy of up to 180 days . It has night vision, and a good set of sensors and artificial intelligence, which will detect any type of intruder that may pose a threat to us.

If you like this model, but you are interested in buying a set, it is sold in a pack of two units where you will be able to save a lot of money, since sometimes this kit has associated discount codes.

Is it worth building a surveillance system with HomeKit?

Protecting our homes against possible intruders is easier than ever today, although depending on the voice assistant we use, we will be able to access a series of products or others.

The cameras compatible with Apple HomeKi t are undoubtedly high quality products , but it is true that the Apple ecosystem is going to give us a certain disadvantage when looking for home automation devices, since other alternatives such as Amazon Alexa have a very large catalog. widest range of security devices at your disposal. Despite this, we have selected the products that will offer you a more complete and professional experience, leaving aside other cameras that have poorer ratings and that we would not buy ourselves.