7 great free games to play with Alexa

Alexa can do almost anything. He plays you music, tells you recipes, answers your questions or controls the home automation of the house. But not everything is going to be work for her and use for you. Therefore, we show you 7 excellent free games to play with Alexa that are also very fun. The best of all is that some of them are used to play with the whole family or friends who are gathered.

And we start with a very entertaining type of game that, in addition, is in fashion lately

7 great free games to play with Alexa

1. Escape Room

If you like Escape Rooms, you’re in luck. The truth is that these live games have been adapted to telephones, the computer, board games and, now, they also reach Alexa.

The truth is that it is quite successful . For now, you have 4 rooms with various difficulties (from escaping from a cell, which is the easiest, to the car, which is the most difficult).

You have some basic actions (look, use, etc.), as well as some additional ones depending on the moment of the game. And if you get stuck, don’t worry, the game company has some free guides on its website.

You can download it for free on your Alexa from here .

2. Akinator, the classic game, now on Alexa

Akinator, juego de Alexa

The oldest of the place we remember how Akinator emerged on the web and surprised us with his ability to guess the character (real or fictional) we are thinking of .

He asks us a question about said character and we answer yes or no, trying to make him take a long time to guess. Now, that simple, but fun mechanic, is transferred to Lexa and is highly recommended.

You can activate Akinator for your Alexa for free here .

3. Battle of Numbers

Along the same lines of guessing is the Battle of Numbers. In this case, both you and Alexa will compete to guess the 3-digit number the other has thought .

In a similar way to Mastermind , when you say a number, Alexa will answer you with how many “dead” you have achieved in the battle (numbers of the correct number and also in the correct position) and of “wounded” (numbers of the correct number, but that are not in the correct position).

Very clever and fun, you can activate it for free here .

4. True or false, a simple trivia game

If you like Trivia style games, but you don’t want to complicate yourself, nothing better than this True or False game.

Alexa asks you a question and you answer true or false . Ideal for playing between several, to see who gets the most right.

You can activate this skill for Alexa here.

5. Trivial Pursuit, Family Edition

Trivial Pursuit Alexa

It was inevitable that the king of trivia games would appear around here, because it is the official version of Trivial Pursuit for Alexa .

Answer questions from the 6 classic categories and the final challenge to win, now, without the need for a board.

You can activate the Alexa skill here.

6. Memory challenge

If you want to show that you have a photographic memory, you can do it in this game in which Alexa will tell you a list of colors and you have to repeat it in the same order .

If you can recite the list correctly until you reach 10, you win. Simpler impossible.

Activate the Alexa skill for free here .

7. Unexpected turn

This is a different game, because it is one of interpretation . Alexa will describe a scene and you have to interpret it, adopting different characters.

What happens is that, when you least expect it, you will have to improvise, because there will be script twists that you did not count on.

Guaranteed laughs for a game that you can download to your Alexa for free here .

As you can see, Alexa can be your best playmate for those idle moments or to bring a party to life and end in laughter. And also, free.