Hidden tricks to handle Google Chrome

The web browser is an application that cannot be missing from any computer, mobile, tablet or device that allows its installation. We use it daily and one of the most used by users is Google Chrome. If you are a Google browser user, we are going to show you some hidden tricks that you may not yet know.

Google Chrome has interesting functions and a wide catalog of extensions that allow us to add new functionalities quickly and easily. Bearing in mind that it is a fundamental tool for browsing the Internet, before showing you the hidden tricks, it is important that you have Google Chrome duly updated to avoid any type of surprise or setback in your browsing experience.

Hidden tricks to handle Google Chrome

How to activate hidden functions

All versions of Google Chrome have hidden functions also known as ‘flags’, functions still under development that we can activate quite easily. The developers are constantly creating new functions and the Google browser is integrating them into the code so that they can be activated by those who want to try them.

Activating the hidden functions or ‘flags’ does not require complicated processes. Just go to the address bar of the browser and type the following URL: chrome: // flags . Once we accept, we will enter the list of hidden functions of Google Chrome in which you can verify that there are many ‘flags’ to activate or deactivate specific functions of the browser. All available ones appear in the “Available” column. If you start browsing through the “Available” column a bit, you will see that it seems to have no end.

To activate any of the ‘flags’ of Google Chrome you have to click on the enabled box and change its status from “Disabled” to “Enabled”. A blue “Relaunch” button will appear in the lower right corner of the browser. Click on it and the browser will automatically restart with the function or functions that you have enabled at that time.

The activation and deactivation of the hidden functions is not complicated. The changes only affect Google Chrome and do not usually cause any kind of problem. Now that we know how to activate the hidden functions of Google Chrome, we are going to tell you which are some of the most interesting.

activar flags de google chrome

Most relevant hidden tricks

Google Chrome makes functions and extensions available to anyone who needs it so that everyone can navigate without any difficulty. The accessibility options of Google Chrome help people who have some kind of difficulty when it comes to distinguishing colors or who have the need for subtitles to understand and interact with the network. But the Google browser also has hidden functions, as we told you before, very useful and interesting. These are some of them:

Smooth Scrolling

This function allows us a smoother scrolling between the different sections of a page, improving the visual aspect of the web and avoiding sudden changes between sections. To activate the ‘Smooth Scrolling’ function, just type it in the ‘flags’ search engine and activate it.

Parallel discharge

There is no hidden trick or function as such to exceed the download speed that we have contracted, but this does not mean that we cannot accelerate the downloads in Google Chrome. Thanks to its parallel download system we can improve the download speed through an algorithm that divides the files into several packages. To activate this function we will have to write the command ‘Parallel Downloading’ in the search engine for ‘flags’.

Dark mode

One of the most anticipated functions by users who spend more hours than they would like in front of a screen. The ‘Dark Mode’ reduces eye strain and helps our eyes not get so tired if we spend whole days in front of the computer. This hidden function can be activated by means of the command ‘Force Dark Mode for Web Contents’ and automatically all the webs through which we navigate will activate the “dark mode”.

activar modo oscuro en Google Chrome

Google Lens

Google Lens is an image recognition tool from Google. Identify objects that appear in our photos from animals to buildings. If we integrate it with Google search we can obtain information related to the same topic in a faster way. From Wikipedia snippets to related articles and photos. To activate this ‘flag’, just enter the command ‘Google Lens’ in the search engine.

Import passwords

If you normally use other browsers such as Safari or Firefox and you want to import your passwords to Google Chrome, you can do so using the ‘Password import’ flag. Once you have Google Chrome installed and activated this function in the configuration section, you must enter ‘passwords’ and click on the ‘import’ option.

Simplified reading

It is usual that when we are about to read any news or article through the Internet, advertising constantly haunts us. Well, there is also a hidden trick in the Google browser to ‘get rid’ of the annoying advertising. If we activate the ‘flag’ ‘Reader Mode’ we can read a simplified version of the news without any distraction.

As you have seen, the functions and hidden tricks of Google Chrome are extensive and quite varied. Some of them started out as ‘flags’ and at the moment they are already integrated into the search engine. For example, initially the option of being able to view a web page before accessing this ‘An ephemeral preview Tab in overlay panel’, available only for mobile phones is now already integrated into the search engine.