Help Fight against COVID-19 Thanks to Windows 10

We are not going to go into detail to explain what COVID-19 , also known as “the Coronavirus”, is, unfortunately, something else. This virus has already exceeded one million infected worldwide and, in the short term, it seems that it will not stop. However, luckily there are many people who are already working on finding a way to combat it, in one way or another. And, if we want to do our bit, thanks to Microsoft we will also be able to collaborate in the battle against the Coronavirus, for free, simply by using Windows 10.

One of the novelties that came with the latest versions of Windows 10 was Windows Sandbox . This component of the system allows users to run any Win32 desktop application in a safe and isolated space. Everything that this application does, for better or for worse, will not affect our main operating system. Not even a virus. When you close Windows Sandbox , all changes are erased and everything returns to its default value.

Windows Sandbox has become a key element for many users. It allows to test files that we download from the Internet safely, carry out configurations and much more without having to use third-party software or put our PC at risk.

windows fight coronavirus

Help fight COVID-19 by donating CPU cycles

Microsoft is inviting users who want to do their part in the COVID-19 research to use their Windows 10 computer, while not using it, to simulate protein dynamics through the Folding @ Home platform.

For those who do not know this platform, Folding @ Home is a project that brings together scientists from around the world to study protein dynamics in order to be able to tackle all kinds of medical projects. Some of the studies that are carried out within this project are to understand and find cures against Alzheimer’s, cancer, Ebola and, of course, the new COVID-19 .

Microsoft has created the following script that allows us to use Windows Sandbox to donate CPU cycles for research against this global pandemic. When we run the script, it will check to see if we have Windows Sandbox enabled on the PC. In case you don’t have it, this feature will be enabled, the computer will restart and, when you run the script again, the Sandbox will automatically open, with the Folding @ Home client, ready to start collaborating.

To run the script, the first thing we must do is download it to our computer. Once downloaded, we will execute it with the following command from a CMD window with Administrator permissions :

Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .install_folding_sandbox_on_host.ps1

When Windows Sandbox runs, the Folding @ Home client will automatically open. We can choose the amount of CPU that we want to dedicate to this project. And also if we want it to be used while we work or when the PC is at rest.

Colaborar contra Coronavirus W10

All the calculations we carry out are sent anonymously to the Folding @ Home servers, where they will be studied and processed accordingly. Who knows if thanks to our calculation these scientists can find the key that allows them to end COVID-19.

And if we do not want to use Windows Sandbox, we can install and configure the client manually from the following link . Although it is much more comfortable, easy, fast, safe and clean to do it from Windows Sandbox.