Has your AMOLED screen broken? repair can be free

AMOLED screens are one of the most delicate elements of current mobiles, since a bad fall, unfortunate blow or any other inconvenience can cause damage to the panel that causes poor viewing of content. Luckily there are several ways to proceed with your repair at no cost and not everything has to do with the warranty.

Surely on more than one occasion you have witnessed how your smartphone rushes out of your pocket into the void without any reaction time to save it from a good blow. This is more common than it seems, since the vast majority of broken screens have been victims of this kind of scenario and that is why it is convenient to know how to act in these situations.

Has your AMOLED screen broken

AMOLED screen like new and free

Before we get alarmed and start thinking about the pronounced outlay of money that fixing a screen can entail, it is advisable to glimpse the different possibilities that you have at your disposal, since it is not always necessary to spend money . In fact, there are several ways to repair the AMOLED panel of your phone without spending even a measly euro and here are some of them:

  • Screen burn? easy solution

The term burn should not be confused with what we usually know. When we talk about smartphones, a burn refers to the pixels of the screen that suffer continuous wear , causing small cracks in some areas of the AMOLED panel. Discolorations, lines or other elements can appear weighing down the display, although this problem has an easy solution in some cases.

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If the burn is not very significant, you may have at your disposal a method to solve this problem without having to go to a workshop. There are times when paying the mobile for a few minutes can eliminate them. Otherwise, there is an APK known as AMOLED burn-in fixer that can help you reduce the damage and prevent further damage.

  • Pay attention to the conditions of the brands

It is important that you take a look at the insurance offered by each brand when buying a new smartphone. Mainly, because companies like Xiaomi not only provide several years of warranty, but also a free screen replacement for the first 6 months in the Xiaomi 12 family of devices.

However, the Chinese company is not the only one that guarantees this type of option and for this reason it is advisable to ask for these additional conditions to avoid inconveniences in the future.

  • Check the guarantee offered by the store

Each establishment is a world and each of them works according to specific requirements. Platforms like Amazon offer extra insurance for a modest amount, while other brands like Samsung or Xiaomi itself come to show up to three years of comprehensive warranty at no extra cost in their official store.

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So, if the AMOLED screen of your mobile has experienced damage, the first thing is to check if it is still valid. For the simple fact that they will leave your smartphone like new at no cost.

  • Calibration failure

Sometimes a fall or blow can cause the screen to not respond to our touches in certain parts and even the entire panel. It does not need to break or fracture, since the damage is probably internal in these cases. It should be noted that this solution is only effective in some situations when it is the fault of the screen saver.

In the Google Play Store there are applications such as Touch Screen Calibration that allow you to fix the screen as much as possible. If it doesn’t fix it, you may have to checkout.

  • If the screen has stains…

Another of the unfortunate scenarios that can occur is that the phone falls into the water or vice versa, although stains can also appear due to pressure or force on the screen.

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However, there is no reason to be alarmed, because there are times when these problems are related to a poor adjustment of the display system . This means that to solve it you must expose it to the sun unless it is very intense in the case of water; while on the other hand, an update or patch is also likely to fix the system error.