Hackers Combine Several Methods to Steal Bank Accounts

Online bank accounts are increasingly present among users. We use the mobile, the computer or tablets to make transactions without the need to go to the bank in person. Now this causes hackers to set their sights here too. In this article we echo a combination of strategies or methods with which they manage to empty those accounts.

Combination of methods to rob bank accounts

As we know there are many methods that can be used by cyber criminals to attack. We are talking about malware that infects computers, Phishing attacks, keyloggers … Different options with which, in one way or another, they can steal our credentials and passwords.

Steal Bank Accounts

This time the hackers have used a combination of methods to attack. Specifically, they have mixed social engineering, SIM-swapping, and remote desktop software to empty bank accounts online.

To carry out the deception, the main strategy has been to take advantage of an advertisement , an offer on the Internet. The victims showed interest and responded to that ad when they saw that the price was cheap and they were interested. Cybercriminals used social engineering to grab the victim’s attention and make them see that it was a good deal.

The attackers, to continue the scam, asked the victims to install the AnyDesk remote desktop application. The objective of this, at least what they indicated, was to be able to send images and videos of the sale. It is a legitimate software and you should not have any problems at first.

The thing is, the attackers kept access to the victim’s computer even after transferring the files and was able to search for confidential information (documents, passwords, personal details) that would further help them in their attack.

The goal was to log into the victim’s bank account and steal the available funds. Now, with two-factor authentication enabled, they also needed access to incoming messages on the mobile phone.

Phishing bancario a través del móvil

SIM-swapping scam

That’s where the SIM-swapping scam comes in. It basically means that they trick the operator into activating a new SIM card with the victim’s phone number. The original card would stop working. That new card that they have issued receives all the SMS and calls. This is how you can get 2FA codes.

With all this, combining social engineering, remote access software and SIM-swapping, the attackers achieved everything necessary to empty the bank accounts .

This type of case is what has caused that in recent times two-factor authentication through SMS is not considered the most secure. It is true that that is better than nothing, but as we see, even if they are very specific cases, it can generate important security problems.