Hackboard 2: new Raspberry Pi alternative that works with Windows

Hackboard has recently introduced its newest release, the Hackboard 2. This compact and cost-effective Single Board Computer (SBC) is built on the Wintel platform. Measuring just 12 x 8 cm in size, this device offers impressive features.

The engineering team has unveiled the Hackboard 2, equipped with an Intel Celeron N4020 processor capable of reaching speeds up to 2.8GHz. It is supported by 8GB of DDR4 RAM and offers a storage capacity of up to 4TB.

This SBC stands out for its robust Intel Celeron N4020 dual-core CPU, extensive selection of ports and connectivity options, and the inclusion of the licensed Windows 11 Pro operating system. All these features are available at an attractive price point of $199.


What it offers?

According to Mike Callow, the co-founder and CEO of Hackboard, their mission is to bridge the digital divide and address educational needs worldwide. Despite being the size of a phone, the Hackboard 2 packs the power of a desktop computer.

Callow stated, “With the increasing prevalence of remote learning, students and schools require access to versatile, affordable, and high-quality products that seamlessly integrate into the classroom. The Hackboard 2 enables running native Windows apps, Google Classroom, and G-Suite through a web browser, as well as Python coding software, making it an ideal solution for both remote students and in-classroom learning. Educational discounts are available for schools.”

In addition to the Hackboard 2, the company is actively developing kits that will include supplementary accessories like protective cases, wireless touch keyboards, webcams, and portable monitors. Furthermore, they offer optional modems for 4G and 5G network connectivity, providing users with more connection options.

The availability of the Hackboard 2 extends to several reputable distributors, including RS Components, OKdo, Micro Center, Mouser, CrowdSupply, and Vilros.

When considering the Hackboard 2, it’s worth noting the price range. During the crowdfunding stage, there was a highly appealing option priced at $99, but it is no longer available. The current starting price after the launch is $175 for the Debian Linux operating system, or $199 for the Windows 11 Pro operating system. While this may be higher compared to some cheaper alternatives, it’s essential to recognize that the Hackboard 2 offers more advanced features and capabilities that justify its pricing.

In essence, the Hackboard 2 is an intriguing board with a wealth of attractive features. It combines compactness, affordability, and a diverse array of ports and connectivity options. The inclusion of a Windows 11 Pro license enhances its appeal, particularly for users seeking a convenient out-of-the-box operating system. Additionally, the availability of optional extras further enhances the Hackboard 2’s allure, making it an enticing choice for individuals in need of a versatile and adaptable platform for their projects.