Google Drive’s Revamped Interface: What’s New and How to Make It Your Own

Google Drive, one of the most renowned cloud storage services, is accessible both on its official website and as a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. This versatile platform allows you to store a wide range of files, including photos, documents, forms, and various folders that you can easily edit and modify to suit your needs. Recently, Google has introduced an enhanced way to manage your files, adding a new feature to its interface that promises to simplify the lives of many users.

Over time, Google Drive has evolved through regular updates, introducing new and improved ways to utilize its capabilities. If you’ve been using Google Drive, you might have noticed a change in its user interface, featuring a completely fresh appearance for locating and managing your documents. For those who haven’t yet explored what the tech giant now offers within its cloud storage platform, let’s break it down for you.

google drive new

Changes in Google Drive

Google has issued a statement via its blog to introduce the new look of Google Drive in its desktop version, accompanied by the addition of new features to its homepage, or “Main Page.” The most prominent change you’ll notice is when you log in to the platform and discover that the Home tab will soon replace “My Drive,” previously located just below it. Consequently, every time you access Google Drive, you’ll be directed straight to the Home Page instead of “My Drive.”

The Mountain View company argues that this change will significantly expedite file retrieval by incorporating automatic file and folder suggestions driven by learning algorithms. Google’s aim is to enhance user productivity, so it has optimized its resources to facilitate the discovery and management of the most crucial files.

For instance, one of the new features allows you to view files that have been recently opened, shared, or edited, as well as documents associated with Calendar events. Consequently, filters have been implemented based on modification date, location, or people to expedite document retrieval. Overall, Google Drive has retained the design principles of Google Material Design 3, making navigation through Drive menus significantly more efficient.

What if You Prefer the Old Look?

If you’re not fond of the new interface and would rather stick with the familiar “My Drive” setup, Google offers an option to set your default homepage to “My Drive.” This way, you can continue managing the application as you did in the past.

To make this adjustment, simply go to “My Drive,” and you’ll encounter a blue banner that asks if you want to change your homepage. Click on “Switch to My Drive,” and you’ll revert to the default appearance.

It’s worth noting that this refreshed look will be available to all Google Workspace users with personal Google accounts.