Experience the Joy of the Season with Apple’s ‘Let it Snow’ Trick

At this time of the year, Apple once again embraces the holiday spirit, delighting its users with a festive surprise. If you’re a Christmas enthusiast and a loyal Apple product user, pay close attention to the enchanting trick we’re about to reveal.

apple trick

The ‘Let it Snow’ Christmas Trick on Apple

This delightful trick is sure to bring joy to fans of the Apple brand. To experience this magical animation, simply open the Apple Store search engine and type the enchanting words: “let it snow”. In a matter of seconds, your screen will transform into a winter wonderland, with gentle snowflakes falling all around, creating a charming and unique experience that Apple gifts us during the holiday season, even in places where there’s no cold or snow.

What makes this trick even more special is that Apple updates it every year, adding new elements and details. It’s a heartwarming gesture on the company’s part, demonstrating its commitment not only to technological innovation, for which it’s renowned, but also to the spirit of joy and celebration.

Tips to Embrace the Christmas Season with Your Apple Device

Now that you’ve uncovered the “let it snow” trick, why not fully immerse yourself in the holiday season with your Apple device? Here are some additional tips to help you make the most of this festive time:

  • Theme Wallpapers: Personalize your device with Christmas wallpapers. Apple often releases themed options that you can easily download from your device’s settings.
  • Download Special Apps: Seek out exclusive seasonal apps that offer unique features or festive content, including games. From advent calendars to themed games, or apps that help you organize your next Secret Santa, there’s a wide variety to choose from.
  • Share the Magic: Don’t keep the fun to yourself. Share the “let it snow” trick with friends and family so they too can revel in Apple’s holiday magic.
  • Christmas Widgets: Make use of widgets on your home screen. Set up widgets that display a countdown to special events like Christmas Eve or the end of the year.
  • Siri Shortcuts for Christmas Tasks: Harness the power of Siri and Shortcuts on your iPhone to simplify holiday-related tasks. From sending personalized Christmas messages to setting reminders for gift shopping, Siri can make it all easier and more enjoyable.

The Advantages of Shopping with Apple this Christmas

In addition to the delightful “let it snow” Christmas trick, shopping in Apple’s official store this holiday season brings numerous advantages. Apple has introduced a dedicated section on its website to provide information on delivery times, recommended gifts, and product customization possibilities.

For instance, when you shop with Apple, you can enjoy fast delivery, including the option for two-hour delivery from any Apple Store. Free home delivery without shipping fees is also available. Apple facilitates in-store pickup to give you full control of your shopping experience. To make purchases even more accessible, Apple offers installment payment options. Moreover, Apple is extending the free returns period until January 20, 2024, ensuring you have ample time to make the best purchasing decisions with peace of mind.

With all these advantages, it’s challenging to find a better option for your Apple Christmas shopping.