Google Chrome 88: What’s New and How to Download the New Version

If you are a user of Google Chrome , the most popular web browser on the entire network, you have had a new pending update for a few hours. Google has just launched the new Chrome 88, a new version of its web browser that, unlike previous versions, this one has come with a large number of changes and improvements throughout the browser, changes that, as of today, are already available to all users of the same.

Users of the Canary and Beta branches have been testing these new features for a long time. However, Google did not consider them stable enough to bring them to all users, until now. Don’t waste another minute and upgrade to the new Chrome 88 right away .

Google Chrome 88

What’s new in Chrome 88

The new Chrome 88 has arrived packed with changes. But one of the most anticipated is, without a doubt, the definitive elimination of Flash . It seemed like this day was never going to come, but it has. As of this version, classic add-ons no longer have a place within the browser. An important step forward in performance and overall browser security. All users who had Flash installed, although disabled, will be able to see that there is no trace of it. See you never.

Flash DEP Chrome 88

And Flash is not the only thing that has been removed in this version. From now on we will no longer be able to access FTP addresses from the browser . This functionality has also gone down in history, forcing users to use FTP clients to connect to these servers. And support for Mac OS X Yosemite has also been removed, the version of macOS not supported since 2017. The new Chrome 88 will only work from El Capitan onwards.

And entering the additions of this version, one of the most anticipated is a better integration with the dark theme of Windows 10. From now on, if we use the dark theme of Windows, the address bar will also appear dark , and not in light gray as before. A new, much less intrusive permission system has also been included. And, last but not least, we will finally be able to search for open tabs in the browser , a very useful function for those of us who accumulate dozens of tabs on the top bar. Of course, we will have to enable the search of tabs manually from its flag “chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-search”.

Buscador pestañas Chrome 88

Google has taken the opportunity to introduce a series of improvements for developers, such as new APIs, virtual reality and augmented reality functions, better isolation, a new version of the JavaScript engine and improvements in the CSS.

Download or update the Google browser

Unless we have made ourselves (or third-party extensions) some configuration in the browser, it will update automatically in the background. Once it happens, the next time we open the browser, the update will be applied in an instant and, since then, we will be able to start enjoying all these improvements and news.

In case our browser has not been updated automatically, or we want to check the version of the browser we use, then what we must do is enter the Options> Help> Google Chrome Information section . A new configuration page will appear, within which we can see the installed version and, if there is a pending update, we can update directly.

Información Chrome 88

To enjoy the improvements and news offered by the new Chrome 88, which are not few.