Google Assistant interpreter mode reaches the smartphone

Google Assistant capabilities continue to grow on each and every device where it can be used. The last ones to benefit from this are the mobile phones that will start receiving the update that will allow them to use the interpreter mode . If you do not know what exactly it is and how it works, we will explain it to you below.

The interpreter mode reaches the phones

Modo interprete

The interpreter mode of Google Assistant is not really something new, for a long time that many users of smart speakers with or without a screen are using it. This allows translations to be done in almost real time and in up to 44 different languages. That way, if you have doubts about what something means if you want to know how it would be said in another language you can ask the speaker to translate it for you.

Well, now that interpreter mode also reaches Google Assistant on mobile phones. As of today, both Android phones and iOS devices with the application installed can be used. Of course, the activation will be done progressively, so it may take a while to be available to you.

How to use Google Assistant interpreter mode

Modo interprete Google Assistant

As we have said before, the interpreter mode has been on Google speakers for a while and has a screen like the Nest Hub. Therefore, you may already know how to activate it. If not, it is very easy, although the interaction will vary depending on that detail of having a screen or not.

To activate the interpret mode, all you have to do first is to activate the wizard with the classic “OK, Google”. Next you must use a command that will allow the new mode to take action . There is no single defined phrase and sentences such as “Be my interpreter from German,” “Help me speak Spanish,” “Translate me from English to Chinese,” “Activate interpreter,” etc., will be completely valid.

From there, if it is one of the 44 languages that you recognize , as you listen to the conversation, you will translate and – in the case of telephones – showing on screen what it means. If you want to hear it, just press the icon. This is how simple it is to operate in this new way that gives the possibility to understand people who speak languages that you do not know.

When you stop needing it, you just have to tell it to stop, remove that mode or exit. It’s that simple to use this mode of Google Assistant and as you can imagine the potential of it is very high. It is also comfortable since the interaction through voice commands is more natural and faster than writing. Finally, the other great advantage of this growth of Google Assistant is that you no longer need to install other third-party applications for something that, according to each one, you can use more or less in your day to day.