Is It a Good Idea to Buy the Latest iPhone?

Every time September arrives, many users are wondering whether to buy the new iPhone that has been launched on the market. This is a very recurring question that comes to us daily through numerous channels, but the truth is that it is not always necessary to have the latest technology on the market in our hands . In this article we analyze the reasons why it is worthwhile or not to purchase the latest iPhone on the market.

The importance of the price factor

In these times, the price is undoubtedly an important factor when choosing which device to buy. We already know that the latest iPhones that Apple has launched are not exactly cheap, although little by little it is adapting to the market with a broader range in this regard. That is why we should consider acquiring devices from past generations.


As is normal in any type of product, when there is a new generation of this, the previous one is affected economically. But this does not mean that it becomes a bad or outdated product since it is common sense to think that a team, whatever it is, does not age rapidly in a year . That is why we can take advantage of an interesting price in exchange for not having the latest of the latest but it is possible that it will be very worthwhile, especially if we are not throwing money at anything.

Is it worth buying the latest on the market?

Obviously everyone wants to have the latest technology on the market with the most powerful cameras and also the latest generation processor available. But we must ask ourselves a simple question … am I going to take advantage of it? Obviously not all users are photography professionals or they will push their iPhone to the limit. We are not going to deceive ourselves, many are the users who just use it to make calls, check email and receive a WhatsApp. This majority group of people must consider whether or not it is worth making such a huge financial outlay.

iPhone XR

With this we move to the previous point, which are very close. In the market there are many iPhones that do not have the latest features of the company but that will undoubtedly allow us to save ourselves a good pinch. That is why we must ask ourselves if we are professional photographers to have in our hands the new iPhone 11 Pro Max, or if we are worth it with an iPhone XR that has a single camera. If we dedicate ourselves to taking photographs of our children or the vacations we are taking, surely with a modest camera we can shoot and quite a lot.

In the end, each user has needs that must be analyzed. What should be removed from the head is that the ‘old’ iPhones have not passed to a better life, and that they continue to provide very good benefits to users.

Users who ‘hold out’ the desire

It is increasingly common to be with the same iPhone in your hands for several generations. We have seen it in the different data that the company has given on the base of users within Apple that does not stop increasing. These are the type of users who do not see the interest in buying an iPhone every year but who prefer to have a good team in hand that will last many years. In these cases it may be interesting to bet on the latest iPhone presented, although to save money we can always be a generation behind.

This may be the case of a person who acquired the iPhone 5 in its day and is already looking for a substitute for it. If you are convinced that it will last 4 or 5 years, it is certainly interesting to go to the last of the market to notice this change and enjoy it a lot.