Gmail adds the option to send emails as attachments in another email

Google’s email service is one of the most used today and therefore, practically any news is important for the user today. The last to advertise is the possibility of sending other emails as attachments within an email . It sounds strange? Quiet, it is very easy to understand.

The email within the email

Gmail has announced a new feature or, rather, a new way to forward an email or emails to other users through email. Ok, it sounds like a tongue twister, but it’s easy to understand.

So far the way to send the content of an email to another person was by forwarding or by putting it in the chain with the copy options (CC or CCO). Of course you could also download the content of the email you are interested in and forward it in a new one after attaching it. In short, I’m sure that on more than one occasion you have done some of this. Well, now Gmail has announced that there is the possibility of attaching emails to an email .

For this, there are two options. The first is in the Gmail web interface itself, select the emails you want to attach and then click on the three-dot icon. Next you will see that the Resend option appears as an attachment. Ready, a window will open so you can compose your message and the emails will already be attached. The second option is to create a new email, write what you want and then select the emails you want to attach and drag it into the message.

Both forms are completely valid and practically as simple, although at the moment one will be more comfortable than another to locate and attach the email. As for technical issues and related useful information you should know the following:

– When an email is attached it becomes an .eml file
– There are no email limits attached
– If the attached file occupies more than 25 MB it is sent through Google Drive as in other occasions
– The attached emails open in a new window and not within the email that sends them
– A security banner will appear at the top of the attached emails sent or received

As you can see, the idea is that the new function brings advantages and not quite the opposite when it comes to sharing information that we have in our inbox. And, in addition, take special care for the user’s safety. Hence the banner, to prevent changes in habits or new ways of doing things become an opportunity to misuse the tools.

Otherwise, this new feature will be available to everyone and will be progressively deployed over the next two weeks. Thus, at the beginning of years it would be a function that all Gmail users will have and that, presumably, will also include mail clients that support Gmail accounts.