Glupteba: the New Threat that Creates a Backdoor in Windows

Whenever we surf the net we can find many threats that can compromise our computers. It is what we know as malware and they can infect our systems through very different methods. This time we are facing a new threat called Glupteba that creates a back door in Windows capable of giving full access to a possible intruder. We will also give some tips to avoid falling victim to this problem.

Glupteba, the new threat that creates a back door in Windows

Glupteba is a new threat that puts users using Windows at risk. As we know it is the most used operating system on desktop computers. This means that many can be harmed.

Glupteba Creates a Backdoor in Windows

What this new campaign does is create a back door in Windows. In this way, hackers could use it as a means of introducing other varieties of malware. Basically they get full control over that team. In addition, it must be mentioned that this infected computer becomes part of a botnet.

It is true that we have at our disposal many tools and techniques to avoid being victims of problems of this type. However, it should also be kept in mind that cybercriminals constantly improve their techniques. They look for ways to avoid detection and to infect systems to include different strategies.

In this case, this malware has been updated with new techniques that allow you to open a back door in Windows. It is malicious software that is capable of allowing new attacks to enter, as well as being part of a botnet.

How does this threat arrive? They use different means of distribution for this, although it is mainly found within pirated software. They thus seek to reach a wide number of users. Through these pirated programs they sneak into the victim’s systems and later create the back door.

But it should also be mentioned that he uses a technique to avoid being detected, and that is that he gradually loads on the computer.

Vulnerabilidad en SMB en Windows

How to avoid becoming victims of this problem

Fortunately, it is easy to avoid being victims not only of this threat, but also of any other similar one. We have seen that it is mainly distributed through pirated software, so common sense is going to be essential. We must always download and install legitimate software from official pages. It is very important not to go to third party sites or platforms that may be dangerous.

We must also have security software installed on our system. There are many tools that we have at our disposal. Many types of programs that can protect our systems and devices. This is something that we must apply at all times.

But it is also essential to have the latest patches and updates installed. There are many occasions when vulnerabilities arise that can be exploited by hackers. We must have the latest versions to correct these problems.

In short, maintaining our security is going to be essential to avoid problems. When browsing we can be victims of many attacks. We leave you an article where we talk about the main security problems on a website.