Give life to your children's drawings with these apps

What child hasn’t ever wanted to see their crazy drawings come to life? A wish that possibly all of us have had, but that obviously for physical reasons we have always seen as impossible, that only came true in our heads and in the movies… until today. And it is that with the advent of apps and the extension of augmented reality , it is now possible that the drawings we see can take on a life of their own.

In order for every child’s dream to come true, we will have to install an app with which we can bring the drawings to life. We explain all the apps available for this so that you can keep the one that most convinces you.

Give life to your children's drawings with these apps

Hope: Play with augmented reality

We offer you just what you were asking for and expected so much for your child, that your children’s drawings come to life completely, no matter how complicated it may seem. And it is that with this app all that drawing that you make with the mobile phone will come to life; With this app we will have the objective of learning much more and being able to see all our drawings in real size, even with the colors that we have selected.

Beyond the drawings that we can bring to life with this app, we can also do much more with this app, taking advantage of augmented reality on our mobile phone. Animals, the human body or the fossil remains of extinct animals are several of the options that we can carry out with this augmented reality tool, which will ensure more hours of enjoyment.

Stickman: Direct your own story

If what you are looking for is for your child to enjoy what he draws to the fullest and above all for you to be able to fully exploit his creativity, your ideal app has arrived, the one that you should use. Stickman will allow you to carry out the creation and animation of your story based on a few simple strokes, which will cause children and not so children to be able to express all their creativity.

And it is that this app, through some funny stick figures, will give the option of being able to animate them through the creation of different frames , so that once we have put them all together, the history of our stick figure has been created and explained. . An app that has no limits and that with an easy and simple interface will give our children hours and hours of entertainment. The only problem with this app? That if we have an iPhone phone, we will not be able to install anything in this app.

FlipaClip: Create videos with your drawings

Beyond the possibilities that the apps that we have explained above offer us, we can go further and go for much more creative apps with which we will have the possibility of going a step further and going from a few simple drawings to a video that we can edit as we like. In this way, as it happened with the previous app, we will have the opportunity to animate our drawings.

Beyond the animation and the creation of the video that we can carry out with this app, we will also have the option of adding much more content to our videos. We refer to audio and sound effects with which we can complete our video and make it as complete as possible.