Get to know the world with these geography apps

Knowledge does not take up space, it is often said, but it does take up some time. If you’re thinking of brushing up on your geography knowledge so you can travel at least virtually, there are all sorts of online tools to help you do just that.

Reviewing the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, these are the best apps to learn geography that we have found, most of them to do it in a fun and playful way.

Get to know the world with these geography apps

Seterra Geography

Seterra is a geography quiz game to improve your knowledge of Spanish cities, their autonomous communities and capitals, as well as flags, rivers, mountains, countries, cities in the world and much more.

You simply choose a region and advance as you hit until you know the whole world. The app has more than 200 challenges to test your knowledge and you can even play without an Internet connection.

StudyGe-Geography on the map

StudyGe is more than just an educational game, as it has a large number of interactive elements that make the learning process much easier. This game will help you remember the location of the countries, their capitals and flags.

For correct answers, you will receive achievements that you can show off to your friends and also compete in knowledge with others and thus add some competitiveness to the learning process. In addition, it includes a complete digital atlas in which you will find a lot of information about the countries.

GeoExpert – World Geography

GeoExpert is an educational tool, in game mode, designed to help you learn geography absolutely including the countries of the world, even some that you have probably never heard of.



It is probably the most rigorous and updated, which is why it is used in various schools to teach geography. If you are looking for a less playful mode, it also includes a Study Mode with information (area, population, historical data…) from each country in the world.

APPangea – Learn Geography

APPangea not only allows you to learn geography, but also history lessons in a playful way and in competition with both yourself and the rest of the app community.

The contents of Pangea have been designed by expert teachers to teach geography and history in an entertaining and effective way, and in accordance with the current educational curriculum. This application includes several types of questions. Sometimes the map gives you the information and you have to select the correct question, and other times you have to look for the answer on the map itself.

Developer: Juan Peralta

Google Earth

To finish, we can only recommend the use of Google Earth, the most powerful tool for learning geography through self-discovery. The Google atlas application allows you to explore the entire world thanks to the 3D satellite images that are collected in the app.

Google Earth

Google Earth

Seeing the Statue of Liberty, the Sagrada Familia or the Eiffel Tower is possible with the 360º perspective offered by Street View. In addition, it includes a collection of guided tours from NASA, National Geographic and the BBC, among others.

It is a real joy to visit the most outstanding places in the world, being able to learn the most relevant details about each one of them as you go.