Get these exclusive rewards in Free Fire. Last days!

Get these exclusive rewards in Free Fire. Last days

Free Fire has been such a hit with gamers that this month it was celebrating its fourth anniversary. To celebrate, the developers have released different exclusive rewards per region. Before the event comes to an end, we reveal the trick to get Thrash Goth Loot Box and Gloo Wall – Thrash Metallic .

First of all, it should be noted that these prizes and loot boxes cannot be obtained from Spain … unless you make a small trap that we explain below. As the offer is available only on the Indian server, players will need to change region using a VPN app in order to change the IP location of the device.

Of course, you must continue playing in that region to be able to benefit from those prizes so the decision is in your hand. If you play with friends in Spain it is not highly recommended but beyond this you always have the possibility of using apps like NordVPN or Turbo VPN, which you can try for free from Google Play. Simply download the app, grant the necessary permissions, configure the free trial and then, on the main VPN screen, click “connect” and select a server in India.

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Get rewards in Garena Free Fire

Free Fire’s fourth anniversary is coming to an end, coming to an end in the next few hours. But you still have time to get hold of the Gothic Thrash Loot Box and Gloo Wall in the game as long as you use the above method. And you can do it through a reload event that provides the rewards for free. That is, you will get a series of additional benefits simply by recharging a required amount of diamonds.

  • Thrash Metallic Gloo Wall : Refill of 100 diamonds (1.09 euros or 80 Rs)
  • Gothic Thrash Loot Box : 500 Diamond Refill (3.49 Euro or Rs 250)

This event has been running since August 26, 2021 and ends tomorrow, September 1, 2021 and offers these exclusive 4th anniversary rewards

Players can recharge the required amount of diamonds in Free Fir e for the duration of this event, as they will not be available in-game after it ends. To do this, with the VPN activated on a server in India, follow these steps:

  1. Open Free Fire and navigate to the Diamonds reload section at the top of the home screen. It is marked by a diamond icon.
    diamantes free Fire
  2. Top up the amount of diamonds required in this tab and pay using the desired payment method.
  3. After reloading the diamonds, click on the Calendar section at the top right of the home screen.
  4. Click on the “4th Anniversary” tab at the top and then Musical Reload II on the left side.
  5. Claim the rewards from this screen.
    recompensas Free fire