Get in shape with these mobile apps

The feeling that we always lack time, the confinement caused by the pandemic and the desire to get in shape have made mobile applications with which we can train at any time and without even needing to go to the gym proliferate. These applications have routines and training that, in most cases, do not require us to have professional training material. We collect some of the best apps to get in shape.

Thanks to the Internet we can exercise at any time and in any place as long as we have a device such as a computer, tablet or mobile. We can save ourselves the gym by entering the best websites to exercise, through various YouTube channels, Instagram, and even through some fitness channels on Pluto TV, among other varied options. Next, we will see some of the most complete apps to train with your mobile.

Get in shape with these mobile apps

home exercises

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Being active and exercising from time to time prevents health problems, develops resistance, as well as helping to reduce stress among many other benefits. With this app you can stay in shape without spending a lot of time each day. Each exercise has details and an illustrative image to facilitate the correct execution of the exercise or routine. The good thing is that we do not need any additional material and that there are exercises to exercise the whole body.

Sworkit Trainer

One of the best qualities of this application is the distribution of the exercises by categories, ranging from abdominal exercises, upper and lower body to exercises and Yoga ideal for stretching the body and meditating a little after training. You can also do low-impact exercises that are very suitable for older people who want to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Sports challenge 30 days

In this app you can choose the goal you want to achieve in 30 days. You can choose between losing fat or improving muscle and the part of the body where you want to work : full body, buttocks, abs, arms…). Once you have decided on your goal, you will be able to follow the routines on a daily basis without the need to leave home. As its name suggests, this app is ideal for committing to spending a few minutes exercising for 30 days and developing good exercise habits.



Undoubtedly one of the most popular apps among all those who want to show off their body, lose some weight or tone their muscles. One of the reasons that has led to its success is that it has some of the most influential people in the world of fitness around the world. In addition to workouts, you can also find nutrition guides, healthy recipes and weekly tracking of your achievements and exercises.


An app with a complete training guide with more than 100 different exercises and explanatory videos that explain them in detail. It offers different guided routines so that you can create your own training plan to exercise from home or as a complement when you go to the gym. In addition, you will be able to keep track of your progress thanks to its detailed graphs.