How to get berries fast in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Nintendo has many famous sagas at its disposal, but one of the most loved by users is Animal Crossing . A video game where you have to start developing your own life helping and contributing to the growth of the camp. A few years ago the delivery landed on mobile phones under Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

In this title the customization possibilities of the town are considerably reduced. Even so, it is totally possible to turn it into a unique city full of vitality, but for this you will need a huge amount of berries to obtain the most exclusive objects and provide a different appearance from the rest. Tom Nook doesn’t give away anything for free , so here are some ways to get them quickly and avoid this greedy raccoon.

get berries fast in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Talk to everyone

Your Animal Crossing Pocket Camp town will be made up of diverse and colorful inhabitants. Talking with them not only serves to hang out, but also for them to provide you with missions by way of requests for certain objects. The rewards can vary, but you will always receive berries for it.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

This means that you basically have to become the town maruja and converse endlessly with them. It is somewhat tedious, but it is the simplest method.

Villagers to level 3

This not only guarantees you berries, but also contributes to increasing the level of friendship with the villagers. When you reach the next rank you will get extra rewards.

Complying with this advice guarantees you nothing more and nothing less than 900 berries . It may seem little, but for something so simple it is completely worth it.

Check the market

Sometimes you can ignore this element, but we already anticipate that it is one of the most effective ways to get money quickly. However, for this you will need to have friends added.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp objetos

For this reason, you should accept anyone who sends you the request or do it yourself. It is possible that one of them is looking for a specific object that you can give him for a modest amount. Also, you can sell your own items to make a profit.

Help your friends

Shovelstrike Mountain can be a real source of income for your berry account. It is true that starting the journey on your own is not profitable at all. In fact, even the game itself makes fun of you, but there is a certain fundamental aspect that Animal Crossing Pocket Camp does not tell you at any time.

Every time you help one of your friends to the top, you will receive 10 or 100 berries for your contribution. If you are attentive to colleagues who need help for this, you can make a considerable fortune.

Come in and out

Surely on more than one occasion you have needed a certain fish or insect to deliver it to one of your neighbors. Getting the right creature can be a real torment, but you should know that if you do not find the desired animal, you just have to leave and re -enter the area so that they reappear. The procedure is not the same as for fruit trees, which grow back after three hours.