Gboard: The Most Popular Keyboard Application on Android

Since Google decided to work seriously for a powerful product for the keyboard of Android mobiles, few have been those who have endured the pace, leaving Swiftkey and some others. They have achieved a very successful application that certainly deserves our full attention in this article


Many users know it well, but we want to point out those differential points that have led to its leadership in the Google Play tools sector. So, without further delay, let’s do it.

One of the best user experiences

Gboard color de enfasis

The implementation of the app on our Android devices gives us that point of fluency that is not found on any other keyboard. The speed with which it is deployed or closed is brutal, and all this happens in almost any application.

Beyond the Material Design and its variety when it comes to personalizing it, the size of the keys is more than correct, we do not need more space for our fingers being a quick writing possible. In the same way a hand passes exactly the same, it becomes very comfortable at hand in cases where the terminal is large.

The Swype function, its greatest virtue

Many users already know this Swype feature of the keyboard, but few use it in their day to day because it is considered complex. It is something completely understandable, but that does not mean that, after a few days of use, it will be difficult to return to conventional writing , since the speed of writing helped by instant keyboard prediction makes it a very valuable option.

Some absences

We have not noticed faults in broad strokes, but there are absences or aspects that can be improved. First, the top bar of the keyboard is minimalist, yes, but maybe too much . We believe that you can take more advantage of what has been done so far, with the inclusion of more functions as Swiftkey does, the competition.

On the other hand, the predictive text, without being bad, is not one of its strengths because it is difficult to adapt to our usual vocabulary, something very important given the practically daily utility that is being given to the app .

Get now Gboard – Google Keyboard

However, despite some points to improve, it is a keyboard that due to its implementation and speed of writing make it one of the main options to install on our Android . Download the app for free in the Google Play store.