Games on Netflix: which ones are there and how to play – iPhone and Android

Netflix video games are a reality, and more and more options are being added to its game catalog by the well-known series and movie platform. At the moment, the list of available titles is not very extensive, but the truth is that they are totally free. Although, in order to test them we will need to meet a series of requirements that the company openly establishes.

However, for many users they may have gone completely unnoticed. Well, not everyone consumes the platform from the devices from which we can get to download Netflix games . For this reason, we are going to tell you about each of the keys so that you discover exactly what they are and, above all, how they can be downloaded in order to try them on our own.

Games on Netflix

What are these games?

One of the novelties that the company presented in mid-2021 was a video game section. And it is that, within the streaming series and movies platform app , a row called Netflix Games is included on the home screen and a Games tab at the bottom. From the home screen of the app, if we slide down we can find the row that we just mentioned within the application, or if we prefer, we can touch the Games tab.

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In addition, some of the titles that we can find in the catalog that the company offers us are related to the television series on the platform, and can be played at no additional cost. And it is that, the platform makes clear a series of points to take into account when trying these titles. Among them, we find that each and every one of these video games are free.

And, for the moment, we find some titles in which, inside, we will not see any type of purchase, that is, they do not have in-app purchases. In addition, it will not be those typical games in which we will see all kinds of advertising, because within those that the company has available we will not find floating ads , as surprising as it may seem.

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Now is the time to go to see each of the titles that we can get to download . And it is that, although the list is not very extensive, the truth is that to be a streaming platform for movies and series it is not bad at all. For this reason, we are going to see what each video game that is available is about and, of course, what it is called:

  • Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

This first game that we present to you on the platform is a title in which we will find ourselves before a title of strategy cards. The best of all is that we will be in an open world full of dungeons in which we can choose different heroes. And all with the aim of starting a true epic adventure in which we must save the world of Arzu . Who? This will be something that we will have to discover on our own within this video game.

  • Asphalt Xtreme

If we want to try an arcade racing game, this title will be ideal. Basically, because Asphalt Xtreme will let us enjoy a rally game in the purest classic style. And best of all, we won’t have to see an ad or floating advertisement every so often. Therefore, within this title we will enjoy crossing canyons, skidding on dunes and, above all, overtaking everyone who gets in front of us.

Asphalt Netflix

  • bowling ballers

As its name indicates, this is a game in which we will enjoy knocking down bowling pins. But, it is not a bowling title as such, but rather it is a racing title, but in which the objective is not to reach the finish line, but to knock down the maximum number of bowling pins that come our way. road. In addition, we will have to dodge different obstacles that are put in front of us. The game’s mechanics even include skating, flying and others, but each one of them is completely intuitive, so there will be no added difficulty.

  • Card Blast

This title is somewhat peculiar because, although it seems that it will be just another card game, the truth is that we are facing a title in which we will have to do everything possible to get a winning hand , or perhaps a full house, during a poker game . The experience will be a bit of a puzzle, because not only will we need to have a series of skills, but it will also take some luck to win.

  • Domino’s Cafe

Yes, it is a game of dominoes. But the curious thing is that we can choose between different challenges. In addition, we will be able to try different competitions , that is, we will have the opportunity to play one against one or two against two. Within this title we will find three classic game modes, three different levels of difficulty, in addition to being able to design our own pieces and boards. We can even change the soundtrack of the video game.

  • dungeon dwarves

This is another dungeon game in which our experience will be based on exploring different labyrinths . In addition to that we will have to defeat all the monsters that come our way. In this way, we can gain experience to improve our hero’s skills, as well as to get better weapons. And the most curious of all is that the characters that we can choose from are only dwarfs.

  • Dragon Up

This title basically consists of opening eggs and collecting rare dragons , so that later we have to help them recover their magic. Although it may seem very simple, the truth is that we will be in a world full of color. In addition, this is an adventure game in which you will progress little by little. And not only this, but different types of dragons will appear, we can even improve them.

  • Exploding Kittens

We are facing a somewhat particular card game in which the protagonists are cats . Within this title our goal is to draw as many cards as we can to avoid or deactivate the explosive cats. This is a game of chance in which it will be essential to be lucky, in addition to being able to be enjoyed by several participants. The more the better, as there will be more fun.

  • Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

In this case, we are facing a somewhat chaotic title. Specifically, we will see that it is a 2D action video game in which we will have to dodge a multitude of traps and obstacles that we must destroy to advance. In addition, it has been developed by a subsidiary of Riot Games. And not only this, but it stars Ziggs and Heimerdinger , the stars of League of Legends.

Hextech Netflix

  • Into the Dead 2: Unleashed

Do you like the zombie apocalypse? Well, this title will be for you. This video game is a shooter and action title in which we will have to save ourselves from the constant attacks of zombies. We will be able to resort to different weapons in order to repel the continuous threat of these beings. In addition, we will have to discover a world in which no one will be safe from them. So you have to be very careful.

  • knittens

This video game is a mixture that unites two key components for many Candy Crush and cats . A star combination that results in Knittens. Therefore, our goal is to accumulate balls of yarn of the same color. And it is a mechanic that we all know. In addition to the fact that different enhancers will also be activated so that we can get extra points and coils.

  • Krispee Street

Here we must bring out the best version of detective that we have inside us. In true “Looking for Wally” style, we will have to go with a very clear goal: find hidden objects in a world full of life. In this case, we will have to give life to the characters and the Krispee universe . So we will not tell you anything else so that you can enjoy this video game like never before.

  • Moonlighter

In this game on the streaming platform, we’ll get to know each other and we’ll be the protagonist in which, in the mornings, we’ll dedicate ourselves to running a peaceful shop in a quiet village, while at night we’ll be in charge of exploring all kinds of dungeons , to put an end to hidden beasts and reveal different mysteries that hide in the night. So, if you dream of becoming a true hero, this RPG title is for you.

  • Relic Hunters: Rebels

This 2D game will take us through different colorful worlds in which we will have to shoot all our enemies. In addition, we will be able to manufacture and improve weapons so that it is increasingly easier to finish them off. And, our main objective will be to put an end to the gargantuan Empire forever and restore peace to a world that is completely divided.

  • Shatter: Remastered

Shatter Remastered is a retro-inspired brick-breaking game that combines classic action with unique twists and incredible boss battles. And not only this, but we will have up to four different game modes available, as well as different levels of difficulty. So it will not become a real hobby.

  • Stranger Things: 1984

This title is related to the famous series Stranger Things. This is another RPG , but in 2D and with a top-down view, like the classic Zelda or Pokémon titles. In addition, we will enjoy a very pixel art style. In this video game, we will have to collect objects, in addition to the fact that our objective will be to complete a series of missions and even solve some enigmas.

Stranger Things 1984 Netflix

  • Stranger Things 3: The Game

Yet another title from the acclaimed Netflix series. In this case, we will have to drive the characters of this fiction through a world with an isometric perspective. In addition, we will have to kill different monsters that appear along the way and make the occasional decision that will directly affect the plot of this title.

  • Shooting Hoops

Basketball and darts ? Two sports in the same game. This has been the idea of the company. Specifically, we will have to score a basketball inside the hoop by shooting a dart. Although it seems easy at first, we will have a few tries to get it. As we progress, we will be able to unlock different types of balls, with different weights.

  • Teether (Up)

Our main objective in Teeter will not have any type of difficulty at first, since we will have to go up and down a platform to guide a ball towards a hole , without beasts crossing our path as in other games that we have just seen. Although, it will not be as easy as it seems. We will have to play with the laws of physics and gravity, so we will have to have a lot of skill, and be aware at all times.

  • This is a True Story

In this case, we will explore a world that looks like a world painted with a brush. We will have to fulfill a series of puzzles , based on real events and interviews. And it is that we are facing a completely educational title. In addition, the story is relatively short, but it will serve us well if we want to spend a pleasant afternoon.

  • Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt

Do you fall in love with the Middle Ages ? Well, the main objective of this game is to build a medieval city from scratch. We will have to make a series of key decisions when moving forward with its construction, and that is, if we make a mistake, things will get complicated. Therefore, we must reign with our heads and not make decisions lightly so that the subjects are happy.

  • Wonderputt Forever

The latest title that is available within the company’s catalog is a curious and quite fun minigolf, which brings with it a very attractive style. However, the grace lies in the fact that we will enjoy different scenarios, which will change in a crazy way as we go through the different levels. Therefore, it is a good title with which we can entertain ourselves for a long time in our day to day.

Minigolf Netflix

Requirements to try Netflix games

As we have been warning you, even though the company does not make us pay more to download these titles, the truth is that there are a series of requirements to download Netflix games . Therefore, if we want to access this catalog of titles, we will have to meet a series of requirements. And they are what we will see next.

Compatible devices

The first thing that we will need to be able to enjoy this novelty of the series and movie streaming platform will be to have a compatible device. And it is that not all that we have at home will work. For example, a computer or TV will not help us in this case to be able to play the titles that the streaming movie and series company makes available to us. Therefore, these will be the supported devices :

  • Mobile or tablet with Android 8.0 or higher .
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS or iPad OS 15 or higher .

iOS y Android

Is a subscription required?

Unfortunately, although the games on the platform that we have mentioned before are totally free and also do not include any type of advertising, not even in-app purchases, the truth is that they are not accessible to everyone . Something negative had to be in this curious option offered by the streaming company.

And it is that, in order to be able to enjoy these titles, we will not only need to have a compatible device, but we will also need to have an active Netflix subscription . This is the most essential requirement, because without this, we will not be able to test them. The company even makes it clear that some video games that we find in its catalog have additional requirements.

netflix completar suscripcion

Where to find the games

Very easy. Within the Netflix application itself for the devices that we mentioned above, we will find a specific Games tab. Of course, the way to find this section within the app will be different depending on the operating system of the device that we use.

On Android devices or terminals, there is a Netflix Games row on the home screen and a Games tab at the bottom. In the case of having an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, we will only find a row in which it is included, so we will not have a button in the lower bar of the application. To download them from here, we will have to do the following:

  • Click on the video game that we want.
  • Tap on the Download game option.
  • The App Store or Play Store will then open.
  • Click Install or Get .

Catálogo juegos Netflix

In any case, if we are not able to find them within the application of the device in which we have Netflix , we can find them from the app stores of those smartphones, tablets, etc., that are compatible with this novelty of the platform. streaming. Therefore, these will be the steps that we must follow:

  • Open App Store or Play Store .
  • Search for a game by its name or, directly, type “ Netflix Games ”.
  • Select the title you want to test.
  • Then tap Install or Get .

Descargar juegos Netflix

What happens to games if you cancel Netflix?

As with viewing history, game history and game saves will be saved for 10 months , should you decide to cancel your account. And it is that, as much as these titles that it includes in its catalog are totally free, the truth is that as we saw previously we will need to have an active subscription to download them. However, having previously downloaded it with an account in use, they will leave us those 10 months of margin.


Basically, because if you reactivate your account within that period , we will be able to continue with all your games at the point where you left them, as long as you have not uninstalled or deleted the game data. In this way, they give us a margin so that, in case we use the streaming platform account again, we can continue enjoying the video game that we downloaded at the time.

Also, note that game history , like viewing history, will not be saved if a profile is deleted. So we will have to be careful if we really want to completely erase all the data we had within the streaming platform.