GameMaker Studio 2: Download and Use for Free with No Restrictions

Creating video games is not something that is only available to a few. Today we can find a large number of programs, more or less complex and with more or less functions and characteristics, for this purpose. From engines for creating 3D games to assisted and intuitive programs, with Drag & Drop, which allow us to create all kinds of games, with great quality, without having to write even a line of code. And one of the best that we can find within this new category is GameMaker Studio 2.

GameMaker Studio is a program for creating games using drag & drop designed for all types of users. This program is owned by YoYo Games, a company that, in January of this year, was acquired by Opera, the company responsible for the well-known web browser. With it we will be able to create all kinds of multiplatform games that we can then compile for both PC and mobile devices, for the web and even for video consoles.

GameMaker Studio

This program, the truth, is not exactly cheap . In Steam, for example, we can find the Desktop versions (to export for Windows, macOS and Linux) for 83 euros, Mobile (for Android and iOS) for the same price, and the Web (for HTML5) for the same. And on its website we can find cheaper licenses, but by subscription, ranging from $ 30 for the Desktop version to $ 600 (per year) for licenses for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch (each, of course).

Developer: YoYo Games Ltd.

Some very popular games created with this program are:

  • Hotline Miami
  • Nuclear Throne
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! two
  • Hyper Light Drifter
  • Gods Will Be Watching
  • Nidhogg

GameMaker Studio 2

YoYo Games offered users a 30-day trial version of its publisher , after which it was necessary to checkout. However, from now on we will be able to find a new edition, Free, which will give us unlimited access to the editor.

GameMaker 2 is now free

Earlier this month, YoYo Games decided to turn the tables to incentivize people to use their show even more. For this reason, any user will be able to download their program without having to go through the cash register and will be able to use it in an unlimited way (without time restrictions or functions) to unleash their imagination.

We can download the program for free to start creating our games from the following link. Nor is it necessary to enter any payment method, and it will only be enough to register on its website (to link the license to our account) to be able to download the new version and start using it.

Descargar gratis GameMaker Studio 2

With this, YoYo Games intends that more and more users decide to give a chance to creating video games, and that they do not have to pay for it. In addition, this way Opera will be one more step in the video game market, since, until now, it only had Opera GX, a browser for gamers.

Compilers do have to be paid

Although the program is free, does not have time restrictions, and we can use it without restrictions, in reality that does not mean that we will be able to compile and distribute our games without paying. The editor is free and we can use it to create our games without restrictions. However, if we want to compile our games to upload them to the application stores, we do have to go through the checkout.

Compiler prices are still quite expensive, although we can purchase it as unlimited or as a one-year subscription. The advantage is that now we will not have to pay just to use the program, but we can create the games for free and only pay in case we really want to market our game.