Future 5G Networks Will Not Be Compatible with All Mobiles

Mobile networks have improved a lot in recent years. We can have much higher Internet speeds, better coverage, and more stability. If we look back, only a few years ago with the arrival of 3G there was an important leap in terms of quality. Now 5G comes to offer many more possibilities compared to its predecessors. Now, future 5G networks , those that improve on the initial 5G networks, will require a change of phone.

The new 5G networks will force a change of mobile

It is a reality that as technology advances we have to have devices compatible with these changes. For example, a mobile phone from 15 years ago could not be used today to navigate 4G networks, much less 5G networks. This forces to change phones when new technology appears.

Future 5G Networks Will Not Be Compatible with All Mobiles

Now, even within the same generation we could have problems. That is what appears to be going to happen with 5G. The first mobiles are compatible with the initial 5G networks. However, they are not fully extended and will also arrive with changes in the future.

We are talking about C-band 5G networks . They will bring improvements to make connections faster and more stable, but it will also require changes in the terminals. They are going to use frequencies for which many devices are not going to be compatible. This translates into the need to change mobile to be able to take advantage of maximum performance.

Keep in mind that many users have made a large investment to have a device compatible with 5G networks. We can even find the same model today in two different versions, of which 5G has a higher price.

Mejoras del 5G frente al Wi-Fi

New mobile to adapt to new networks

Therefore, in many cases, they would have to buy a new mobile again to be able to adapt to the new versions of 5G, when they want to take advantage of the maximum performance and the best possible speed.

This will also depend on the operators and the band they use. Not in all countries we will have this type of problem. It is something that has happened with 4G LTE networks. However, many users will have to think before buying a new mobile if they are going to need it to have a certain technology to be able to connect to the operator’s networks.

As we know, 5G networks are going to be with us for the next decade. It will bring important improvements such as lower latency, higher connection speed and also better coverage especially indoors. All this improves 4G networks and will allow both private users and companies to take better advantage of the available resources.

We leave you an extensive article where we talk about everything related to the characteristics of 5G. A review of all the news and improvements that this new technology will bring to the daily lives of Internet users.