FreeVimager: Simple Viewer and Photo Editor for Windows

freevimagerIf what you need is a simple photo editor, but it works well and contains the expendable and most used tools, FreeVimager could be what you are looking for. In addition, it works very fluidly with low-resource equipment and high quality images in multiple formats.

Although he is not a well-known editor, nor is he the best in the world, he has very interesting features that other publishers like that cannot boast in front of him.

The features that FreeVimager has are:

  • Compatibility of Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
  • Availability in its portable or installable version.
  • Available in 8 totally different languages , including Spanish among them.
  • Possibility to see the location of images on Google Maps (Only with compatible images)
  • Viewer and image editor with format: Jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff, png, pcx and emf.
  • Compatibility with multiple monitors in full screen.
  • Print preview and image positioning by simply dragging it.
  • Size optimization for sending by email.
  • Support for editing individual IPTC and XMP files / batches for jpeg and tiff files.
  • Batch processing.

FreeVimager operation

Among the many options we have available in FreeVimager, below, we show you the main and most interesting.

When we install FreeVimager and open it, a fairly simple interface will appear as shown below. In this gray panel, we will host our images in windows , as if it were a desktop as in Windows, but with images in this case.

Interfaz FreeVimager

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As an example of the above, two images open from the same application and housed in the same panel are shown below. With this function we can edit and view our images simultaneously and faster.

We can also organize them in tabs, and edit one image and then another. We can open several images in windows, as long as they fit in our panel.

Dos imágenes abiertas FreeVimager

The tools that we will show next, and those that the program incorporates, are generally located in the lower panel of each image.


One tool we have is to rotate our images in the desired direction. As shown in the example, we can rotate them in both directions and 90 degrees.

To rotate them completely, we choose the desired address, and we will click on that address until they are rotated to our liking.

Rotar imagenes

The option to modify the size of our images is quite complete, where we can modify this size in percentage or in pixels. It also allows us to choose the quality we want to maintain in these images and / or the aspect ratio.

Modificar tamaño

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Another option we have is to crop our images, and as promised by the program, without losing almost quality. In this case, if it fulfills its function and the quality which has been lost is minimal.

The example shown below defines it, it may look somewhat pixelated, but it is due to the compression that the example image has suffered for you.

FreeVimager recortar imagenes

An interesting option is which allows us to adjust the image according to the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue we want. It also allows us to view the original image to see the change suffered after adjustment.

One option added to us is to undo the changes with a button, although we can always do “Ctrl + Z” to go back.

Ajustes de imagen

If we have several equal images, and we want to distinguish one from the other, or we have an image with a white / gray background, and we want the editing background to vary with the image, we can adjust the color to what we want.

This color does not affect the image at all, it has simply been designed to differentiate the background image and make it stand out.

Colores de fondo

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To see all the editing options available in this program, we can do so by accessing the “Edit” section in the panel. As shown below, there are many possibilities that we have and varied.

Apartado edición

If after reading this, you liked the program, and it seemed interesting, you can download it for free from its website. For this we will go to the download section shown below.

FreeVimager: Download