How to Freely Place Icons on the iPhone Screen

One of the advantages of Android over iOS is that it can be customized much more. However we find some external tools that allow us to make some customizations on our iPhone. The one that we are going to discuss in this article is one that allows you to make the icons on the home screen “invisible”, so that we can have the most dispersed apps on the screen.

place icons iphone

Preceding steps to perform

For the function that we are going to explain to work correctly, certain adjustments and preceding steps have to be made. Some of them will be able to readjust after the whole process, but at first this must be fulfilled:

reducir movimiento ios

  • Activate motion reduction from Settings> Accessibility> Motion.
  • Set a wallpaper without depth enabled.
  • Take a screenshot of your empty screen. For this you have to make a long press on the screen so that the iPhone believes that you are going to organize the icons and, once done, go to the right of everything on the screen without icons that will appear.

Tool to hide icons

Makeover is a web page that will allow you to do this. It should be noted that it is completely free . The steps to follow are indicated on the website itself, although we summarize them here:

iconos invisibles ios

  1. Open the link to the web, clicking here .
  2. Press the “Start MAKEOVR” button , going down the page. Then click on “OK” to the pop-up window, which suggests you to make the previous adjustments that we have already mentioned.
  3. Click on “Upload”.
  4. Select Photo Library and choose the capture you have previously made.
  5. Once the page loads, click on “Let’s do it” to start hiding icons.
  6. Click on the hole you want to leave empty on your screen.
  7. Press the share icon and add the page to your home screen.

If you go to your applications screen you will see that an icon has been added with the image of the hole you have selected. You will have to move it to the hole you chose and you will see how now it seems that there is nothing. Actually, that invisible icon is a link to the page where you stayed, so it is not a completely empty hole. However, it is a good trick to organize the screen of your iPhone more to your liking.

Once this is done, you can deactivate the motion reduction again, since it will not be necessary to have it to see the screen the way you have it now. You should also know that to eliminate the gaps you will only have to make a long press on them and click on “Delete marker”.

Disadvantages of this tool

The main disadvantage that we found of this app is that it has advertising that can sometimes be too tedious. However, it will open in new tabs and therefore you can close these windows. You should bear in mind that the tool is actually on the original page and that in no case will you have to install other applications.

Another drawback that can be removed from Makeovr is that to put several holes you must go one by one . Once the process is known, it is easier, although obviously it would be more comfortable to do everything at once. Keep in mind that after all, what this app does is save the selected hole as a favicon of the page, so it is materially impossible that several can be done at once with this method.

In any case we believe that it is an interesting tool to know and which can alleviate that weak point of iOS of not allowing to place applications completely to the user’s liking. Perhaps in future versions of iOS a real way of doing it can be implemented, but at the moment this is one of the best options we have at our disposal.