Free Raspberry Pi courses to learn programming

The Raspberry Pi is a computer the size of a credit card that consists of a motherboard on which we can mount a processor. A graphics chip and a RAM memory. Since its creation, its purpose has been to stimulate the teaching of computer science in training centers around the world and with the passage of time many people have been encouraged to start programming thanks to it.

Free courses abound on the Internet to learn how to program with this mini computer. From how to install an operating system on Raspberry Pi to creating projects capable of automating a home or creating a desktop PC. The possibilities offered by the Raspberry Pi are very wide and being able to learn them is totally free through these courses that you can find on the net.

Free Raspberry Pi courses to learn programming

Free training for Raspberry Pi

Browsing the web, we find countless free resources to start programming with Raspberry Pi. Courses for both adults and children, since this mini computer allows you to acquire basic programming knowledge at almost any age. It can be an ideal occasion to teach your children programming and robotics with Raspberry Pi and also start you in the maker world.

Raspberry Pi Workshop

A very complete course to start messing with your Raspberry Pi. In each video of the course the teacher includes code fragments, commands to issue, links to other resources and proposals for circuits that you can build. The requirements are “have a passion to learn Raspberry Pi” so the only thing that is needed is desire and predisposition to assimilate new programming concepts. The course is divided into 5 sections with a total of 29 classes and a duration of 3 hours and 41 minutes.

Raspberry Pi 4

Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi

A very useful MOOC that allows us to design our own IoT system step by step through open source software. In this course you will learn how to install an operating system, configure the Raspberry Pi and set up a web board to see the values of the sensors and control the hardware. The requirements to take this course do not go beyond having a basic knowledge of computer science. It is divided into 4 thematic sections with a total of 14 classes and a duration of 1 hour and 21 minutes.

Projects of different themes

The Raspberry Pi official website offers a myriad of free projects. It is divided into different themes: games, music, robotics, web pages and digital art. By accessing each section we can filter through our interests by selecting the topic, the software, the hardware and the level of difficulty that we want to use. Among these resources there are many aimed especially at children who through these projects will be able to learn basic notions of programming while having a great time.

Diferentes temáticas de cursos gratis con Raspberry Pi

Free courses for teachers

Also on the Raspberry Pi official website there is a section dedicated to courses especially focused on teachers. In which there are very varied free courses. For example, one entitled “Teaching programming to children ages 5 to 11” focused on developing effective lessons. The duration is 4 weeks and a weekly dedication of 2 hours is estimated. Free access lasts for 6 weeks, which is enough time to complete the course by dedicating the recommended 2 hours a week.

Developer course

With this Raspberry Pi course you can learn to develop applications and manage systems. Basic knowledge subject, introduction to the IoT world, resources for programmers, first steps in Raspbian … A total duration of 4 hours with videos around 10 minutes on average to which you can have free access for 15 days. A course that covers different aspects and that has good ratings from users.