Free PS Plus Games for the Month of May 2021

Free PS Plus Games for the Month of May 2021

For another month, PlayStation Plus subscribers will once again receive a trio of interesting games completely free of charge with which to continue expanding their personal library. And when you think that there are fewer and fewer games left to surprise with, Sony once again surpasses itself by offering a fairly complete pack, and once again you can download a PS5 game for free .

Battlefield v

Battlefield V

The title that possibly gets all the attention this month is Battlefield V. The latest entry in the famous war saga can be downloaded in the PS4 version completely free of charge, thus enjoying the latest installment, which takes us to the middle of World War II. You will have a campaign, massively multiplayer (with up to 64 players), cooperative games and a lot of fun in a warlike setting like few others.

In addition, now that the rumors of Battlefield 6 are sounding, it is a very good time to do a little memory or play the game for the first time to be prepared for the next installment, which they assure is going to be revolutionary.

Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last


The free PS5 game that is included this month is Wreckfest: Drive Hard, Die Last , a driving game direct heir to the legendary Destruction Derby, where driving takes a back seat and racing is based on destroying rivals without stopping. With career mode, multiplayer for up to 24 players and the possibility of customizing our vehicle with all kinds of accessories and complements, it will ensure more than one laugh among so many destructive races.

Stranded Deep

You have had a plane accident, you have crashed in the middle of the ocean and after surviving on a raft you arrive at a desert island where you will have to find a way to survive. Yes we are facing another survival game in which we. We will have to use our instincts and our ability with resources.

Anything goes on the island, so try to stay hydrated and eat what you find nearby, because you will have to do everything possible to survive and find your way out.

Waves Out!

Like every month, the latest proposal that is included comes directly from PlayStation Talents, and this time we have Waves Out! It is a fun game in which we will take possession of Magnetín, a character by magnetic powers that must use its attraction to overcome the different tests that lie ahead. With a total of 13 levels, the game will make it increasingly difficult for us, so we will have to use our ingenuity to achieve the objectives and the maximum score.

When will the May games be available?

All games will be available to download for free from May 4, and you will have until May 31 to add them to your library. Remember that you have until May 3 to add the great games that arrived in April (Oddworld: Soulstorm, Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War), so if they have passed you better do it as soon as possible.