Free paVos for Fortnite: how to get them

At this point, Fortnite has become one of the most popular video games and each season it is more so thanks to the agreement with different companies so that their characters appear in the form of skins. It is free to play, but there is an internal currency required to purchase many of the game’s extras. They are called paVos and we are going to tell you about the legal methods to get them, so that you are not deceived.

PaVos (or V-Bucks in English) are the official currency of the video game Fortnite . With it we can get hold of practically all the rewards in the store: character skins, gestures, pickaxes, backpacks, hang gliders, weapon skins, Battle Pass, etc. Can you get them without going through the box? Yes, although there are not many options for it, that at Epic Games they want to continue making a lot of money with Fortnite while the bubble lasts.

Free paVos for Fortnite

Through the Fortnite Battle Pass

Every season, something that usually happens every three or four months, Epic Games launches a new Battle Pass that allows you to meet a series of objectives and is made up of 100 levels. There is a paid version and a free version. Each page of the Battle Pass has a small column on the left that are the rewards that you can unlock simply by leveling up, without having to pay anything. Some of these rewards are V-Bucks. This way you can get between 400 and 600 paVos per season.

If you want to checkout with the first one, you can get it at a price of 950 paVos and you can get up to 1,500 extra paVos playing. This means that not only will you recover your investment and be able to purchase the next Battle Pass, but you will still have 550 V-Bucks left to purchase items in the store . If you do the same with the next Battle Pass, you would no longer have invested real money and you would have another 550 extra paVos and so on.

In Save the World and for Founders

Another method to get free paVos in Fortnite is to have purchased the cooperative campaign Save the World before June 29, 2020 and play it on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

In this mode, which is basically the original Fortnite before they decided on the battle royale approach seeing the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), there are a series of login rewards that will earn you V-Bucks as the days go by. .

days logging in Reward days logging in Reward
eleven 50 paVos 189 150 bucks
28 300 bucks 196 300 bucks
35 150 bucks 203 150 bucks
49 150 bucks 210 150 bucks
56 300 bucks 217 150 bucks
70 150 bucks 224 800 bucks
77 150 bucks 231 150 bucks
84 300 bucks 238 150 bucks
91 150 bucks 245 150 bucks
98 150 bucks 252 300 bucks
105 150 bucks 259 150 bucks
112 800 bucks 266 150 bucks
119 150 bucks 266 150 bucks
126 150 bucks 280 300 bucks
133 150 bucks 287 150 bucks
140 300 bucks 294 150 bucks
147 150 bucks 301 150 bucks
154 150 bucks 301 150 bucks
161 150 bucks 315 150 bucks
168 150 bucks 322 150 bucks
175 300 bucks 329 150 bucks
182 150 bucks 336 1,000 bucks

Once the cycle is complete, it will reset to the reward of the first day. The balance of V-Bucks in our Fortnite account is shared between Save the World and Battle Royale modes , so the money you earn in one will be used to buy all kinds of items in the other.