Free apps to train and speed up your reading

Are you constantly struggling to find enough time in your day to accomplish all your scheduled tasks? Do you find it difficult to make time for your favorite hobbies, like reading? If you’re a passionate reader who wants to continue learning and staying updated but can’t seem to find the time, you’ll find this compilation of free apps incredibly useful. Below, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the best apps that can help you increase your reading speed, allowing you to carve out a few minutes each day to indulge in your hobby, stay informed, or learn something new.

These applications not only enable you to read more books in less time if you’re an avid reader who wants to devour pages more quickly, but they can also help improve your reading pace if you’re a student looking to assimilate concepts more efficiently.

train your reading

What are speed reading apps and what are they for?

Speed reading apps offer valuable tools to enhance both our reading speed and comprehension. By utilizing techniques such as rapid word sequences displayed on the screen, these apps save time by reducing the need for constant eye movements from left to right along the lines.

These apps provide quick glimpses of phrases or words, effectively training our brains to process data and information more swiftly and efficiently. They offer additional features such as keyword underlining, speed adjustments, and comprehension tests, enabling us to make rapid progress in a short period.

One of the significant advantages of these apps is the ability to significantly increase reading speed compared to traditional reading methods after consistent training. Moreover, they aid in improving content comprehension through targeted questions and emphasized keywords. By requiring heightened focus and attention, these apps enhance concentration, helping us reduce distractions and sharpen our cognitive abilities.

These apps serve as time-saving tools, allowing us to read faster and process more information. They are beneficial for professionals, writers, students, and anyone with limited time in their day who wishes to maintain their reading habits or stay informed with daily news and information.

The best speed reading apps for Android

If you own an Android device and desire to enhance your reading speed or optimize your time, here are some recommended speed reading apps available for your device:

Speed reading trainer

For users seeking to enhance their reading comprehension and speed, there is a perfect application available. This app not only helps improve reading habits but also trains vision. It is compatible with both Android tablets and smartphones.

Some notable features of this app include an extensive library with a wide variety of books, as well as the ability to import personal files. The interface is intuitively designed, allowing users to easily control their reading experience. Additionally, the app encourages progress by rewarding points for reading more words within a predefined time frame. By using this app on a daily basis, users can effectively improve their reading skills.

Fast reading

An intriguing option for Android users is the “Quick Reading” app. This tool offers the ability to read texts up to five times faster, presenting an effective way to enhance reading speed. Notably, the app provides a variety of exercises designed to broaden reading vision, optimize photographic memory utilization, and cultivate a silent reading habit.

Furthermore, “Quick Reading” also aids in concentration improvement and vocabulary expansion. The app features one-minute exercises that can be repeated three times a day, allowing for significant improvement in a short amount of time. Inside the application, users will discover speed reading practices, eye exercises, text assignments, and activities to expand their visual field. By utilizing this app, users can develop essential reading skills while investing minimal time and effort.


One of the favored options among users to enhance reading habits is the next app on our list. This app focuses on optimizing eye movement to improve both reading speed and comprehension.

With this app, your training will commence at a standard speed of 300 words per minute. Gradually, you will progress and increase your reading speed until you can comfortably read and comprehend up to 1000 words per minute. This app is particularly beneficial for students and individuals seeking to consume a substantial amount of digital content while retaining a comprehensive understanding of the material. It offers an efficient way to boost reading efficiency and retention.

The best options for iOS

If you own an iOS device, there are several options available to enhance your reading speed and comprehension abilities. Here, we will outline these options along with their key features.


This free iOS app offers a range of features designed to significantly reduce reading time. By utilizing this app and engaging in regular training, users can enhance their reading habits and boost productivity in just one week.

The app also serves as a valuable tool for retraining reading habits and improving comprehension of textual information. It aids in expanding reading capacity and enhancing focus. Through this app, users can develop improved retention, memory, and comprehension skills. Additionally, it allows customization of the reading speed, enabling gradual progress at a comfortable pace.

Reading Trainer 2.0

This option offers an enjoyable and engaging way to enhance reading speed, retention, and comprehension through a variety of entertaining exercises. It incorporates eye-training exercises that also contribute to improving mental capacity.

The app features diverse activities, including word searches, word read-per-minute counters, misspelling finders, and more. By dedicating just a few minutes each day, users can improve their reading skills using this unique and entertaining method. You can download the app by clicking here.


Another option we have is Quick Reader, an iOS speed reading app that enhances your reading skills across a wide range of content, including practical manuals, best sellers, and business reports. It utilizes specialized software to assist and train your eyes, enabling you to read at a pace two to three times faster than the average.

Quick Reader offers the flexibility to adjust reading speeds ranging from 10 to 4,000 words per minute. The app is fully customizable, allowing you to personalize the design, interface, and font settings according to your preferences. It even features a “lightning fast” mode that enables you to read on autopilot without the need to constantly touch the screen.