Forget Excel: how to solve equations in Word

Over the years, Microsoft Word has not become the best text editor because it was the first to become popular. Unlike other apps that came first, like WhatsApp, Microsoft has never been satisfied with being the first in its category and with each new version, it introduces new features. One of the functions available in Word that very few users know about is the possibility of solving equations in Word without having to use Excel.

This does not mean that we can use Word as a substitute for Excel, but we can use it on a regular basis to carry out certain types of operations, mainly simple, that do not require complex formulas that we will only find in Excel.

how to solve equations in Word

Equations in Word

Word allows us to write equations to solve or use one of the ones that the application includes by default as a template and where we only have to modify the values to calculate the result.

Among the equations available as a template in Word and that we can use, we find:

  • circle area
  • expansion of a sum
  • Taylor expansion
  • quadratic formula
  • Trigonometric identity (2 models)
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Pythagoras theorem

In addition, we can also access more equations through such as:

  • mode block integral
  • Gaussian integral
  • Accelerated movement
  • Rotation
  • polynomial expansion
  • pegative exponent
  • Fraction multiplication
  • Newton’s law of gravitation
  • Laplacian in coordinates

To use one of the different models of equations that Word makes available to us, we go to the Insert ribbon and on the right, just at the end, click on Insert . Next, we go to the beginning of the Equation ribbon, and click on Equation preceded by the Pi symbol to access all the formula options that it makes available to us.

Ecuaciones Word

Once we have selected the type of equation that we want to solve in Word, we click on the box where the equation is displayed and we modify the equation if necessary, either to adapt it to what we are looking for, to expand it or to subtract commands.

How to write a concrete equation

If among all the options available natively or through, we can’t find the one we’re looking for, or we don’t have the time to search for it, we can write it directly in Word.

To do this, we create a new Word document and go to the Insert ribbon and click on Equation. Next, in the new ribbon, Equation, we click on the Equation Inking button and using the mouse we write the formula that we want to solve. As we write the formula, Word will recognize the symbols to transform them into recognizable characters.

Ecuaciones Word

If we do not want to write the equation using the mouse or the touch screen if our computer has it, we can write it using the symbols available in the Equation ribbon, symbols that are shown to the right of the Equation ink option.

The functionality to write equations in Word is available natively without the need to install any external plugins, as was the case in older versions of Word. This option is only available through the Office / Microsoft 365 subscription, so we will not find it in the free version available online.