Force shutdowns and reboots, can they mess up Windows?

As a basic rule every time we want to shut down or restart our computer we must do it directly from the operating system, executing the corresponding task so that the process is carried out safely. However, on occasions, it may be the case that our PC crashes and we are forced to disconnect the equipment or use other methods to shut it down. It may also happen that a sudden power outage forces a drastic reboot of the system. These certain circumstances can lead to damage to Windows.

Surely we have ever wondered what can happen if we turn off the system by pressing and holding the power button on the PC case or what repercussions a power outage can have on our equipment. Although they are not pleasant situations and they are not exempt from causing a problem, the truth is that today computers are already better prepared to avoid problems in these cases.

Force shutdowns and reboots, can they mess up Windows

Forced shutdown or reboot is now more secure

We speak of a forced shutdown when we hold down the power button for a long period of time or when we disconnect the power cable from the back. Likewise, some desktop computers also incorporate a “Reset” button, which if we keep it pressed is responsible for restarting the equipment. These actions are not usually a common way to shut down or restart our computer, being used mainly in emergency situations.

Today’s operating systems have evolved their ability to recover from sudden power losses or failures . This was something that on older computers could be a disastrous result. To do this, operating systems have improved their programming structure to reduce crashes as much as possible so that there is no need to force a restart or shutdown of the computer. These same elements that allow this security are also in charge of avoiding the corruption of files and programs in case there is no choice but to perform a forced shutdown. In this way, when we keep pressing the power button, it acts on an event that is collected by the operating system and that allows the controlled shutdown of the equipment.

Unexpected shutdown or restart issues

The main problems derived from a bad shutdown or restart are usually caused by a sudden power outage, which, although it should not cause problems in the hardware, it can do so in the software . This is something that especially affects desktop computers, since in laptops having a battery there is no incident.

The biggest problem we would find in the case that the hard drive is working while the power outage occurs, which could cause the partition table to become corrupt, thereby losing the data stored on it. Likewise, it is also possible that only the registry and the Windows boot are damaged, something that could be solved with a repair or formatting of the system. Also, these risks can be reduced if we use an SSD storage device. This is because these, unlike mechanical hard drives, do not have a head that can physically damage the hard drive and cannot return to its original position before being improperly disconnected.